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Revelation, as the DGSE accesses Senegal's security services since 15 years

Macky Sall and Emmanuel Macron

© January 26, 2019 – While it has emerged by the words of the young vice president of the Italian Council of Ministers Luigi Di Maio, who accuses him to prevent Africa, the France Search France faces a new scandal. This time, Paris is accused of espionage of Senegal.

This is a case that has just exploded and rises to cool relations in the Paris-Dakar axis. Indeed, in a text titled "La DGSE Search DGSE transmitted Computers Search computers True in Senegal ", the website explains how the CEO of Outer Security ( DGSE Search DGSE ) access the data from the security services of the Senegal Search Senegal for 15 years.

The specialized site has devoted extensive research, released on January 25, to espionage techniques. And the revelations made in the margins of this investigation are cold in the back.

According to the newspaper, if the United States, China, Russia and Germany also exercise this type of piracy, other countries are also interested in supply chains. "La France Search France is a good student, "according to the newspaper.

"La DGSE Search DGSE It would have been successful since 2002 in delivery Computers Search computers and faxed verolés to Senegal's security services, "reports the newspaper, which indicates" this team would have enabled, since 2004, access all the data that passed through them. "

A few days ago DGSE Search DGSE It has already faced revelations by Le Monde, summarizing information exhausted by the online intelligence letter Online, accusing him to recruit a trainer to find possible computer vulnerabilities contained in multijugx games to success such as Fortnite, PUBG, World of Warcraft Link of Legend Search League of Legends or Counter Strike.

For the moment, the Senegal Search Senegal has not yet communicated about this case that has just been revealed. Does Dakar have the courage to get angry with Paris in this pre-election context? We will build the next few days.

As a reminder, the General Directorate of External Security, often known by the abbreviations DGSE Search DGSE , is the foreign service of the France Search France since 1982, obtaining External Documentation and Anti-Intelligence Service.

Sidy Djimby Ndao, Dakar

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