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Serge Augusta Zongo (Burkina Faso)

The winner of the 3rd edition of the RFI Challenge Africa App, with the program "CUSTOM PAS du vent"

The third edition of the RFI Challenge App Africa, held in Cotonou on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, recruited Serge Augusta Zongo for his Saagga project.

"Saagga" is an application designed to monitor the irrigation of a farm. An electronic card with a computer program allows to optimize the irrigation of a processed field.

This year, the RFI Challenge App Africa Award aims to promote the integration of new technologies into sustainable development.
Thanks to the support of partners of RFI Challenge App Africa, MTN Benin, Microsoft, Société Générale and Africa Global Recycling, the winner is awarded a grant of 15,000 euros for the development of digital service, including mobility, through Francophone Africa.

The winner was a guest of Anne-Cecil Brass, in the special exhibition "C & m; est pas du vent"
Was recorded publicly on Tuesday, November 13 at the French Institute of Cotonou around the theme "Digital, an accelerator of sustainable development in Africa?".
Broadcast on RFI Thursday, November 15 at 14:10 (Cotonou time).
The third edition of the RFI Challenge App Africa recorded more than 600 applications and 90,000 Facebook views.

Awards of this third edition
– Winner: Serge Augusta Zongo (Cameron) for "Saagga"
– Finalists: TIM Erik Gyslain (Cameroon) for "Agropad" and Joseph, Olivier Biley (Côte
Dvir) for "We Fly Agri"
– Special mention: Johannes Goudjanou (Benin) for "Premium Hortus"

About the challenge RFI APP Africa:
The RFI Challenge App Africa program, launched in 2016, is a competition, linked annually to an RFI program in a French-speaking African country aimed at developing the Internet citizen by encouraging projects for services of general interest.

Dedicated to the health and education of girls, the first two editions were awarded in Dakar in 2016 and Czech Oumar Bagayoko (Mali), a young doctor and computer scientist for his request for medical phone expertise "Bogo" and Abidjan
In 2017 Raissa Banhoro (Ivory Coast), for its functional literacy application "Lucy".

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