Saturday , June 19 2021

The National Army is an example of civic education and national unification

November 10, 2018, dedicated to the armed forces, lives. The brave national army presented its best qualities to the highest authorities of the Republic as well as all the people of Senegal. The theme chosen, "The army, an example of civic education and national unity," is breaking news. He came at the time. Indeed, if the army was already known and recognized for its role in maintaining national unity, its place in educating young people, especially that of citizenship and civic values, could be seen as a new dimension of its mission in the service of the nation.
At a time when civil and moral values ​​tend to disintegrate, the educational dimension of the military should be more pronounced in the evolution of Senegal. Education is indeed the best lever for shaping the ideal community, which works on both citizens, political, administrative, religious and customs leaders.
In social life there is a complement between the individual, the family and the city. That is why the term "military army", which is already well known in Senegal, must be transferred more to make the army a real player in economic and social development. It can act directly on certain sectors of the economy through regional planning, production and training, but also through direct participation in the education of young people, both in schools and in universities. This would thus contribute directly to economic growth and development, and participate in the construction of citizens who themselves can become development players. By playing this role of catalyst, it will be not only an evening of national unity and security but also will be the mainstay of Senegal and the emergence of the state and sub-region.
If the role of the citizen is to be concerned about the smooth running of the city and work to give it a better future, it is easy to recognize that the current conditions of citizenship exercise in Senegal are not appropriate. There is no agreed political and social project that society can use to shape and produce the citizen we want to see. Therefore the army should be used to build this new type of citizen. The mistake made so far was to believe that education and training can only be provided through the traditional channels of schools, training institutes and universities. By setting up a military service project adapted to the current conditions of the country and gradually employing them among the youth, the military camps will also become educational and construction rooms for tomorrow's Senegalese, imbued with ethical and moral values, and respect for standards of conduct based on politeness, patriotism and citizenship.
In a world marked by individualism and the promotion of opposing values, citizenship and citizenship will be for our country, Senegal, the best defense to maintain internal and external balances, to safeguard the nation and ensure its development. The State, its flags, its anthem, its seals and symbols, its institutions, its tangible and intangible heritage and its property must be recognized, loved, preserved and protected by every citizen. No one, more than the army, can make these messages understand and accept. The rigor and discipline that are still the most powerful principles in the army must become a basic tenet of Senegalese society if we wish to give ourselves an opportunity to count this concert of nations. Only through citizenship and an ardent desire to advance our harmonious life together can we maintain our unity and reach our appearance. There will be no other ways.
The laws of Senegal must include everyone, from the civil and civilian leaders, to adopt the pieces that will allow the Republic to be put on a new path of development. The relationship between the state and the citizen is based on a network of rights and obligations that each side must respect without the possibility of evading it. The State must recognize the protection of all civil rights, including those relating to education, health, the environment, employment and development. Citizens must fulfill their obligations to obey laws and regulations and work tirelessly to participate in collective progress.
At this price, the Senegalese will continue to live together, harmoniously, in the territory of the Republic, one and indivisible.

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