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Who is Bilal Hassani, the youtubeur has become the favorite "Destination Eurovision"?

Favorite of social networks, the 19-year-old singer is a good position to win the Eurovision Song Race in the "Eurovision Destination" broadcast in France 2 on Saturday evening. 60 million views on YouTube

He competes with Chimène Badi and Emmanuel Moire, and that is"impress much". However, among the eight candidates who will compete at the end of "Destination Eurovision", released on January 26 in France 2, Bilal Hassani, 19, are the best. His song king, which he signed up with Mrs. Monsieur, the tricolora pair arrived 13 in the previous Eurovision contest, makes it a serious candidate to represent France in the song contest that will take place in May in Tel Aviv (Israel).

"I invent my life / do not ask me who I am", sings the young man in his piece. "I am a young boy, who first has a passion for singing, but I am a multitasking"he says. Bilal Hassani is almost unknown to the small screen, a YouTube star – identifiable by the colorful drivers he proudly carries – and the goal of homophobic and racist insults and threats to social networks.

At the beginning of his life, there is the song, like the clip of king, covered with personal archive images. While he sings "I am / The same since very small"we can see Bilal, a child, making the show for his family.

I sang when I was a baby, I sang before talking, my mother told me.Bilal Hassaniat Frenchinfo

Contributed by his mother in the Paris region, he is following a school way "Chaotic" However, for Bilal, the essential is elsewhere: he is not 10 years old that he talks about singing, dancing, piano and guitar. He likes RnB and pop, he listens to Beyoncé and Freddie Mercury. And in October 2015, he made his first television appearance in "The Voice Children".

When he was 16, he still does not have a peluche, his glass is not round and thin but rectangular and thick. Interpreted Get Up Like Phoenix Conchita Wurst, winner of the Eurovision 2014, Bilal Hassani turns the three red seats of TF1 teleport coaches.

Removed in the next stage of the show, Bilal did not say his last word. Provided by his friends, the talented millenia invest social networks. "YouTube is part of Things that have become important in my life, because it is a pleasure to me, it loves me. And all, I do it because life is short "Just explain the young man.

From 2016, its channel operates with its original songs, covers, but also videos that offer him among the most popular French lands between adolescents. According to the way of conversation on Skype, Bilal Hassani trusts. With humor, he tells his daily life, his disadvantages (like the time when he was removed from his college after co-operation with a partner in the fourth), presented his mother (who responds to "bad comments!") or his brother to internet users, respond to questions from their subscribers, pose challenges or even trials.

"Good evening of Parisiiiiiiiiii, yeeeeaaaaa hi yeeeeaaaaaah!" It is with this illustrated gimmick that he starts each of his videos. Sequences full of effects on website culture, memories and franks. "Small", "shook", "beautiful", "icon" : terms of American folk culture that contribute to the exploration of the terrible Bilal Hassani.

He sometimes recognizes trying to attract online users with his video titles: "From a click to death, but just that, people, you like to dramatize well because I have a little strange life, I'm getting beans", then you love the young person in one of them. Because behind apparently lightweight, Bilal Hassani knows how to pass messages and play clones. His pelucos (to whom he gives names like Verona, Sormy, Kat or Gila) make a lot of speech, his subscribers regularly ask him about their genre or his sexuality.

"It makes me happy that I make you think so much (…)He exploded in another of his videos. You too much wonder yourself, you have to stop (…). Tell you that at the end of the day I am Bilal Hassani. I wear pigs because I love it (…). The rules that I must give to me of the population in relation to what I must do, what I must carry, what I must put and how I must do, I do not respect them (…). I'm fun. "

Bilal Hassani is fun and supposes. The wick he only takes on his videos or on stage. "As a child, I used to take chips or towels because I love long hair. In fact, the wit is just to feel an inevitable, a head of superheroes"says the young man to France.

"I'm not in the codes / Bothers much", he sings king. "At just 19, he asks the relationship to the maliciousness, he simply does what he likes, and he shows that it can be", observes Mathilde Truong, a journalist at, who devoted her article ("Bilal Hassani, this model I would like to have").

It invites adolescents to be what they are and to do what they want without worrying about the aspects, the judgments and the huts in which we can put ourselves. With goodness, it opens doors to many to help you feel better and feel better about yourself.Mathilde Truong, journalist at Madmoizelle.comat Frenchinfo

However, the chieftain refuses to assume the role of spokesman for cause. "I do not take it as a responsibility, but I'm glad that my message can resonate with some people who sometimes feel less powerful than others"he explains "What we are / we did not choose", he summarizes king. And the message resonates. Today, more than 700,000 subscribers are on YouTube. A faithful community he calls "My lives", The "My chips" or again "my legends" and who offers hundreds of thousands of opinions, sometimes millions.

They are also over 110,000 followers on Twitter and over 330,000 on Instagram. All assets targeted for Eurovision. "Bilal Hassani was not known before the Destination Eurovision & semi-finals," he is a YouTube star, a brave and charismatic character, with many fans behind him, and that can help to get the audience's voices. ", says Fabien Randanne, a journalist at 20 minutes and a specialist in Eurovision. The clip of king It also surpasses 5 million views on YouTube and the title is number one on iTunes.

But such a show on the site is not at risk. The woolen, the makeup are worth valuable. His homosexuality assumed – he made his exit in a song on Twitter in June 2017 – makes the first goal of homophobia. And in November 2018, after posting a simple cover of the tube of Aya Nakamura, DjadjaWrath of hatred falls on Bilal. He pleads murder against the background of terrorism excuses. This time, the young person complains and denounces the inert of social networks against harassment. He then receives the support of two parliamentarians who ask for Twitter «to carry out a more progressive and firm policy " in terms of "To fight against cyber persecution and LGBTphobies in France".

I love a lot of love, even if there is still a ruinous minority. They wake up, so we notice them. I'm trying to stop paying attention.Bilal Hassaniat Frenchinfo

To protect itself, the artist has installed an application that leaks enemy messages. And he forces to spend time in his bubble: "With my momFar from my phone as much as I can, or with my friends. We create small moments where we do not talk about it. " Besides his mother, where he lives, Bilal Hassani can have heavy support, such as Aya Nakamura, who makes an appearance in the music video. king. Even Janet Jackson has seen and encouraged her on social networks.

What is better to prepare the end of "Destination Eurovision". Enter the contest is "dream of a child" : "I'm watching Eurovision since I was 9, it's a show, too stylish!" you are there enthusiasm "Beyond the song, he is a candidate who is perfectly capable of supposing the pre-Eurovision campaign to visit the European media, to perform in concerts abroad … Bilal Hassani, it's a story", Judge Fabien Randanne. in king, ballad counting his own trip, the young man alternates French parliaments and choir in English and French. Formula that could fly in the international competition.

by "Shine" how he sings kingBilal Hassani also works with a choreographer. "During the parcels, he is alone on the set, because we want him to tell his story so that people who do not know him stops at the wig but listens to the text.says director Mehdi Kerkouche. On the choir, we will make the show because Bilal is a show. " For the finale, the choreographer works "improved version" of the action offered in semifinals.

"When I dream, I am a king"proclaims Bilal Hassani in the choir of his song dedicated to "self-acceptance". "With kingwe mean listening to your heart before listening to what others can say about you & ", he says. What does his heart say as the singer approaches the crown? "To be able to bring the colors of my country to Eurovision, it would be magical, crazy, the unforgettable experience that you will tell your children and your grandchildren!"

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