Tuesday , January 26 2021

Coka is TRUE, surely Lakic and she'll be married! (PHOTO) • HAPPYTV.RS

SEND THE PRICES, HOW TO HAVE A Bad Region: Coka is VERY, Lakic and she'll be married! (Camera)

It seems that the seventh season is for rivals "Couples" by Nikola Lakic talika.

Also, the former football player, not only found the choice of his heart, will become a father.

During the morning program in the most animated program, the recently Vesna Vukelic Wendi, heralded the words that woke up the region.

– Coca is pregnant, Lakic is likely to be a woman now – she said.

To remember, two days ago, pretty Alejandra declared that she was late for 22 days, and today she confirms she is in a blessed state.

Tasic's parents still do not give support, and we'll see if they change their thoughts over time …

Photo: Archives

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