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Despite the new operating system, Huawei also introduced EMUI10


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During its big annual congress, Hawaii introduced the EMUI10 operating system, whose beta version will be tested on September 8. Despite announcing the all-new HarmonyOS already used on Honor TVs, the Chinese company has continued to develop Android-based EMUI, which will be available first on Mate 30 phones.

EMUI10 brings new applications of distributed technology to enhance the customer experience. Its development has enabled specific applications such as audio and video calling phones in all situations, performing business tasks on various devices as well as smart vehicles.

EMUI10 brings three innovations, namely improvements: user experience design, the best quality in all situations, and a new standard for smooth operation.

EMUI10 also added a dark theme for greater visual comfort. The dark theme optimizes the contrast of colors between text and darker backgrounds as well as the color of text and system icons – while the end result guarantees visual consistency, comfort and readability.

EMUI10 implements revolutionary distributed technology that supports video footage across multiple devices. Users can make video and audio calls whenever and wherever they want. When answering a call, users can choose to do so through a smart speaker. Or if it comes to video calling, they can respond using a smart TV, vehicle, or even send a live recording of a drone. The smartphone and the computer have on-screen sharing capabilities, so data is easily interchangeable by sliding across the screen. Such user experience is made possible by revolutionary distributed technology.

EMUI also offers a distributed user interface software framework and almost simulates device capabilities. Thanks to this, developers can create applications for multiple devices without having to make the same software adaptations.

Otherwise, meanwhile, the latest version of EMUI has added night mode on a memory camera.

Since the release of EMUI 1.0 in 2012, significant progress has been made in the last 7 years. Statistics show that the percentage of users who have updated EMUI 8.0 is 79%, while the percentage of users who have updated EMUI 9.0 is 84%. Statistics also show that the estimated number of users who will upgrade their phones to EMUI10 can reach 150 million.

GPU turbo technology has improved graphics processing efficiency by 60% over the years, while Link Turbo network technology technology aggregation allows smartphones to access a wide variety of networks such as 4G and WiFi, 70% faster than using just 4G. Other innovations such as the EROFS data management system improve the performance of the Android system by 20%, while Ark Compiler facilitates the performance of third-party applications by 60%.

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