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Goalkeeper famous for substitute coffee tickets, it's death that does not move in football! (video)


date and time:
11/19/2018. 16:06 – 19/11/2018. 16:35

Insight in Bacchus

Photo: Anne Breeze

Terrible news arrives in Honduras! The goalkeeper Oscar Zane Mongo Zlaya was shot dead in front of the bar.

The murder took place on the night between Saturday and Sunday, and was carried out by an unknown attacker who was standing on the engine.

In an exchange of fire, he was shot at by a Deportivo Vida guard, who sat in front of a coffee shop in La Ceiba and killed him, and the police searched for him.

Zlaya was a friend of Deportivo Vida, eight of the national championship team, and he changed many clubs in his home country.

– We regret the death of our goalkeeper Oscar Mungawi, who was tragically injured early in the morning. Our condolences to the family – was announced from his club.

The motive of the murder is still unknown and the police are trying to correct it.

Otherwise, Honduras is known as a country with one of the highest rates of murders and crimes in the world.

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