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Serbia equalized for a second before the end of extra time, then made a technical error and sent Spain to the semifinals.


Tragic end in Udine: Serbia equalized for a second before the end of extra time, then made a technical error and sent Spain to the semi-final

Matija Belic (Zitkobasket)

What to say, young basketball players won't be coming this summer. They played great in Udine today, fought against Spain's fantastic national team, went into overtime and looked like others were winning. And then a last-second crash, big mistake and proof that he still has to learn. Spain, from a technical error a second before the end of the game, came up with a point that resolved the winner's question and went to the semifinals, 72:71.

It's been a while for basketball players to relax and realize they can "eat" Rage. Because of this, the Spaniards at first showed a remarkable advantage in the middle of the first section, but it was soon canceled thanks to a great game Matthias Belice me Nicholas Radovanović. To make the matter even more interesting, only two of them entered the list of shooters in the ranks of Serbia in the first ten minutes, so the score was 18:17 for the Spanish squad.

It was problematic in the second quarter as well. Again it was the Spaniards who performed better and started eight points ahead. The attack by the Serbian national team did not work very well, only ten points were scored in the second quarter, so it seemed that there would be many problems in the second half. Eight points behind, 35:27.

The beginning of the third section brought great problems for both. In the first five minutes, Spain scored three points and Serbia scored two. But the Serbian basketball players then put in the fifth set, followed by a 13-0 series, something like what we saw in the match against Slovenia, so the advantage over the last ten minutes of the game was on the side of our selection, 44:40.

Serbia's advantage in the last section continued to grow to a maximum of seven. The Spaniards fainted, tying a pair of good tackles midway through the quarter and still bringing the match to an uncertain end.

Nikola Djurisic (Banjica / Mega Bemaks)

Nicholas Đurišić led the Serbian squad to a four-point advantage just two minutes before the end of the game, but then a crisis ensued on the offensive field. Fortunately even the Spaniards couldn't manage, so they only stayed for 30 seconds Garcia reduced to a basket of difference, but after an error Stefanovic, it turned out that they had an attack for extension and even victory.

Philip Brankovich then did the wrong thing, and went to the free throw line already mentioned Garcia. He hit both free throws and Serbia had two seconds to avoid the extra time and pass into the semifinals. Đurišić kicked for three but unfortunately it was wrong and went into overtime, 57:57.

A large number of pitches and free throws were seen in the beginning of the extra five minutes. The Spaniards constantly had the advantage, which over time grew. But Serbian basketball players, three, didn't teach Matija Belić, then magic Nikola Radovanović, and then another hit Stefan Stefanovic from a distance of two seconds before the end equaled to 71:71.

And then … It's hard to explain what happened. The Spaniards had the ball on their side, one of their players stopped to take it out. The judge interrupted all this because he realized it was Mark Markovich hit the automatic line that is not allowed by the rules. A similar situation could be seen at the final season of the Serbian Basketball League between Red Star and Partizan. In addition, Spain won and thus reached the semi-finals. Great pity and great regret for the missed chance.

Finally, it should be noted that the most effective in the Serbian ranks was Matija Belić with 28 points and 14 rebounds, resulting in double-double effects. He did the same Nikola Radovanovic scoring 12 points and catching 11 more balls. He was also a double-digit basketball player Mega Bemaks, Nikola Đurišić with 10 points and five rebounds. The Spanish, on the other hand, led Garcia with 19 points as well Gonzales with 12 points scored.

SPAIN – SERBIA 72:71 / after extra time /

Sand: "First Carner," Udine
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SPAIN: Sanchez 7, Gonzalez 12, Mecca 5, Peraire 8, Ochoa 7, Brito 2, Ribas 5, Vasquez 2, Garcia 19, Savedra, Vilen, Vallejo 5
SERBIA: Belic 28, Brankovic 7, Djurisic 10, Radovanovic 12, Stefanovic 9, Boskovic 1, Dabovic, Markovic, Milijasevic 3, Obradovic, Petrovic, Saranovic 1

Writes: Srđan TODOROVIĆ
Photo: Fiba Eurobasket U16

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