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TRANSPORT IN BORAZ The car hit and killed a woman, THE DRIVER

Chroniko de Borca 02_211118_RAS photo Milano IlicPhoto: Milan Ilic / RAS Serbia

A woman of 42 years died at 17.45 in Borča's victims in Borča.

According to the Eyes stories, the car was removed from the walking crossing with a white car, which continued without stopping in an unknown direction.

– Woman N.N. A person died in Borka tonight when a car hit a car and an investigation was ahead – confirmed by Blic from the MUP.

According to the reporter of the scene, the woman was killed at the address number 88, and her family house did not move away from the place of the tragedy.

Photo: Milan Ilic / RAS Serbia

– We have seen their family members come – brother and mother. A crushing mother continued saying, "Just to see her," said the witnesses, adding that one of the neighbors called the ambulance service, and that their team had recovered, but unfortunately without success.

They did not want to comment on the case at the victim's house.

– It's my mother – everything was a girl of about twenty years, visibly shaken, told the press teams.

On the other hand, the second version of the case in which the deceased's husband tried to travel her while driving was supposedly pushed and then thrown out of the vehicle, and then a second car hit it.

After almost three hours of the accident's moment, the woman's body was taken from the scene, but the police continued to investigate in the end and the search of the driver who hit the pedestrian progressed. According to unofficial information, this has greatly helped the video recorded by the security camera of the building before which a track was held.

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