Wednesday , June 16 2021

An ancient prophecy revealed the Day of Judgment

Древнее пророчество раскрыло дату Судного дняThe three previous prophecies in this series are successful.

According to ancient forecasts, after 42 months on Judgment Day. Before this event the world will be run by the Antichrist, who is already knocking in our world, and breaking. The last strong earthquake – a sign that soon evil will come out.

Earlier we wrote that the third letter of the end of the world happened: from the wall, a snake climbed. Until Judgment Day on the planet will be confused, which will raise the Antichrist. Priests are sure that many people will die from various accidents and disasters. Geologists, incidentally, confirm this. According to scientists, in the following years, the number of negative natural phenomena only grow.

According to experts, the upcoming apocalypse indicates an increase in the number of earthquakes and their ability. If earlier the average intensity of disasters was worth 2-3 points on the Richter scale, now this threshold has increased to 4 points. Moreover, began to tremble in places where there will be seismic activity (eg – the sea of ​​Azov, Norway and Moldova).

Some people in social networks are confident that now prophecy is being fulfilled 4 and tested weapons for the artificial production of shaking. Vibrations can cause early volcanoes. If the mountain begins to emit ash and feathers, then the world will really be hell.

Groundwater processes will lead to an increase in the average temperature around the world, the greenhouse effect and the increase in the number of hurricanes.

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