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Football News – Round Paper: Chelsea close in January Pulisic Christian deal – Premier League 2018-2019 – Football

Chelsea push for the Pulisic deal

As reported last week, Christian Pulisic seems to leave for Chelsea, however recent developments could see him leave for England in January and not at the end of the season. Borussia Dortmund has seen the contract negotiations, and they need to cash in on a player worth about £ 70 million.This can be accelerated now as Chelsea can face a possible transfer ban after rumors of breaking the rule of young players.

Mr. Sanchez from England is faced with Kristian Policic Mara

Mr. Sanchez from England tackles Christian Polisic from the United States during the friendly international match between England and USA at Wembley Stadium on November 15, 2018 in London, UKPhotos of Getty

Paper Round View: The 20-year-old is an excellent player, and given that he has lived in England before, he can settle for more quickly than most players from abroad.The offer of life in London and the chance to win the Premier League this season means that Chelsea are an attractive proposition for any player. Do not necessarily get someone else to match a bid of £ 70m.

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James could leave Bayern

James Rodriguez has a clause with Bayern Munich allowing him to sign from Real Madrid on a fixed deal for £ 38m, but his recent struggles to get into the first team can see him allowed to join another side. Juventus, Manchester United and Liverpool could have been interested, and Bayern are spending money on other players – they have agreed to the £ 31 million transfer from Banffard from Stuttgart at the end of the season and want Luca ; And Munich, Frankfurt.

James Rodriguez (FC Bayern Munich)

James Rodriguez (FC Bayern Munich)Photos of Getty

Paper Round View: Rodriguez always seems to touch too slow and consistent for the very top clubs, so the only reason for another party to be interested would be if it was available for a low fee. £ 38m is probably enough for a party to take a risk if they need a playmaker, but at the age of 27, Rodriguez approaches the time he needs to step up.

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Wolves target origami signature

Wolves are chasing after Liverpool striker Divox Origi this winter transfer window. Origi has been lend at Lil Wolfsburg, but the season has remained in England and featured only once. Nuno in Wolves thinks that the 23-year-old is able to provide his current contestant choice of strikers, and can be brought in for 20 million pounds in January, with Liverpool well-equipped in front.

Davey Orgy

Davey Orgy Photos of Getty

Paper Round View: Origy is a promising player, and has flashes of talent in every club he has played over the last few years. However, now 23, he needs a normal starting point in a constant state if he is to get the most out of his potential. A move of £ 20 million will give the wolves an opportunity to add firepower to a side that still has no cruel war at its disposal.

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The opening stadium numbers turn more delays

Tottenham Hotspur can handle additional delays on their new ground, with an unexpected update in early December. Contractors on the ground are working towards two opening dates, January 3 and March 2. Companies believe that the deadline is more realistic, but the London Club has not yet confirmed what will happen from the beginning of 2019.

Tottenham's new stadium will not be ready on time

Tottenham's new stadium will not be ready on timesport

Paper Round View: Such structures are almost always flooded, and if the deadline is pushed less than a year, it may mean that Danny Levy oversaw a fairly organized effort. However, this does not mean that he will not come under pressure, from the club players, the owners, the Premier League and the most important Maurizio Pochettino, who will receive proposals in other places in the summer.

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