Monday , June 21 2021

The symbol of the Malaysian comedy Zaybo died at the age of 62

Batu Faht: Veteran actor and comedian Zeinal Arifin Abed Hamid, known as Zaybo, died at his home in Ranjit nearby at 13:30. He was 62 years old.

News of his death was confirmed by his stepfather Hafiz in the Post Post.

"In the name of the family of Zeinal Arifin Abed Hamid, I want to inform everyone that my father died at 13:30."

Zaybo was diagnosed with stage esophageal cancer in September and was treated at Sungai Bolu Hospital.

Zaibo is best known for his role in television sitcom Spanar Jaya, Fantasy Movie Musical Magika, Awan Dania the film, as well as the 1999 Hollywood film Anna King.

Meanwhile, Datuk President DJ Dave confirmed the death of Zaibo and extended his condolences to the late actor's family.

"I learned about this sad news by his wife, Siti Hawa Sawal, and Zaybo died at about 13 and was buried in Batu Fahat, and Hor, after Isiak tonight," he said when he turned to me.

On Monday, Zaibo was visited by the royal pair of Tunku Tun and Mamanunah Sultan Iskandariah Sultan Ibrahim and Dennis Mohammed Abdullah, who read about his plight in the newspapers. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd

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