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Tony Bleu bends his hands in the halls of Oleksandr Osek

If we do not hear the theme of the Z-cars in a British ring again, we will nevertheless be the evocative memories of the warrior who brought all the passion of his ebertone roots to any event, big or small. Tony Bellew lost the 34th battle and the last here on Saturday night, stopped in the eighth round by one of the best boxing champions, Oleksandr Usyk.

Surprisingly, this was probably the most complete performance of Bellew's boxing in his 11 years as a professional, and it had to be against Usyk, who came as the first undisputed champion since Everif Holyfield 30 years ago but only one to hold these four belts. He left as avenger of the last big Ukrainian to visit these beaches, Vladimir Klitschko, and may he return. He would be welcome.

"He is a great big champion and I lost to a beautiful man," said 35-year-old Balu at the center of the ring for continuous applause, while Osk threw a hard blow in the first six minutes, while Bello, the pig of his 11-year career below 14 lbs, On the practice and put heavy heads in the other.

The general, led by his impatient opponent, emerged from his southern shell for the third time, but paid for it with heavy counters over his right head. The liberalpodelian, a decent amateur himself, took out the Olympic gold medal, to the astonishment of many observers, including Tommy Hernes.

Oleksandr Usyk with his WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO & ring ring ring belts. Photo: Nick Potts / Palestinian Authority

Oleksandr Usyk with his WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO & ring ring ring belts. Photo: Nick Potts / Palestinian Authority

Bleu got the row he wanted in the fourth, stopping the stiff arch and then rocking back, sometimes wildly, feeling Osijek under the bell, relaxed enough to show the boat by ropes on the ropes.

There was both a method and a danger in Bellew's cat and mouse game, but he dashed in confidence, moving wisely and scattering the champion with body shots. As he added corners and double stabs to his attack, he looked away from the underdog, while Osek, his cracked hair short on his protruding forehead, looked like an archetypal harp in Eastern Europe.

Osiec warmed up when they reached the first stage, and his plane landed more frequently, but there was still no sign of an attack on his trademark, and Bell had stolen the sixth with the late commotion.

Oscik, who needed more risks, kept moving forward with intent, but was careful because the heart objected to the right, even when he caught it in a neutral corner, and again let the points slide.

Bleu flashed with sweat at the beginning of the eighth, and his energy level dropped as he waited for one big shot, but found himself at the edge of some large artillery, the last of which was a left hook, to watch a replay. He dropped into the canvas like a rider, and the guide and his old friend, David Caldwell, came in to console his man, a worthy loser, who never gave anything.

When small fighters approach or pass through 30, they are caught between resource reduction and ongoing pride. For 31 former world champion Anthony Crolla, the award for unanimous points to win over Jordan Doud (also 31) is a challenge mandate against the homeless and devoid of unprecedented Vassil Lomachenko, who defends his WBA title next month against the Federza contract. So, at least now, comes back with the 35-year-old Ricky Burns, who stands on the threshold, getting Carola's list of priorities.

Colla's 34th victory was exhausting from the start to the end, Indonesian finishing very early after dominance by the home fighter. Three grades of 116-112 did not reflect the visitor's effort or pedigree.

Anthony Carolla is awarded to Jordan. Photo: Nick Potts / Palestinian Authority

Anthony Carolla is awarded to Jordan. Photo: Nick Potts / Palestinian Authority

Which confirms that there is no room for sentiment in the boxing business, Burns, the world champion three times, cut earlier and arrested his country and his friend, Scott Cardel, 29, in the third round of Circular No. 10, which can still move him back to the controversy.

The finishing right leaped over Cardel's left shoulder, caught him flush, and threw him heavily. Carly bleeding, rusting and bruising around the left eye, seemed a late replacement for the injured Corradina, looking bleak as he stood on his unsteady legs.

Burns, who lost the ring on points to Carola just over a year ago in his 50th competition, continues to surprise with his strength after 17 years as a professional. If he gets a fourth world title shot, though, it is a hard read.

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