Wednesday , October 5 2022

Watch 'Sungrazer' Comet Ram Directly Into the Sun



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The comet in the video hits the Sun almost at the center and gets completely evaporated by the heat of the star. Comets of this class fly very close to the Sun's surface and are frequently obliterated.

On Thursday, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) space telescope recorded a spectacular video of a comet diving directly into the Sun.

In the video, an observer can see a number of celestial bodies, including bright Venus situated very close to the Sun, (the image of which is blocked with an opaque disc to increase visibility), a less bright Mars orbiting farther away, and the 'Kreutz sungrazer' comet diving almost directly into the center of the Sun.

This is not the first comet encounter SOHO detected this summer. On June 20, the observatory captured two comets – a Kreutz sungrazer and a 'Meyer sunskirter' – approaching the sun.

Kreutz sungrazers are a family of comets that come very close to the Sun – sometimes just thousands of miles from its surface, and named after astronomer Heinrich Kreutz who proved that these comets are in fact shards of a larger comet. Sunskirters are comets that don't come as close to the Sun as sungrazers.

Earlier in 2016, SOHO documented a similar collision, as another Kreutz sungrazer slammed into our star at approximately 373 miles per second.

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