Friday , January 22 2021

Xiaomi has announced its version of the flexible smartphone

Xiaomi анонсировала свою версию гибкого смартфона

Recently, Samsung has shown a prototype of its flexible smartphone, and even called the date of its edition. A similar Huawei device appeared online, and its price was called the Corporation. Now the internet has posted an image of a flexible phone that can be Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex. Not surprising, because the flexible smartphones attract attention. It is much easier to drop the board and use it as an intelligent phone with two screens, than with the conventional device.

Xiaomi анонсировала свою версию гибкого смартфона

According to filters, the smartphone will receive a larger screen, a diagonal of 7.8 inches. It can be folded to the 4-inch device. Yes, a very convenient feature. Undoubtedly, the company will surprise the global price of the device because in most cases, this is one of the cheapest phones in the market.

It will work on the device still to be presented with the highest processor Snapdragon 8150 coupled with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. Yes, this is the upper chipset that can even prevent Apple's void A12. Price for Mi Mix Flex rumors to be great – 8999 yuan (that is, $ 1,300 or 36 400 hryvnia). However, Samsung for their version of the flexible smartphone requires approximately $ 1,700.

Xiaomi анонсировала свою версию гибкого смартфона

Remember that the network has been the best smartphone in the world for its own. It realizes that the news will get the entire 3 room that is not surprising, since no analogs to date are still. In fact, the main room is double, so it's better to use the front, because it's perfect for a favorite photo.

Previous Znayu reported that Samsung had previously announced that it combines 2 lines of budget and middle-class smartphones in one, and the name was given to the prefix M. On the network he showed the first smartphone of this line, and he will get a lot normal features. Yes, the captain will not be, but the price is quite pleasant.

Znayu wrote that the Chinese company Xiaomi was able to surprise not only smartphones, but other devices for the home. For example, on the shelves, a new TV I TV 4S, a diagonal of 75 inches. In addition to the huge size, it is made of alloy, which is widely used in the space industry.


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