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A smart child The environment in which it grows plays a great role

Every mother and father wants their child best. The desire for a healthy, happy and intelligent father to feel naturally. Although the genes do not start up and are a strong predecessor to the character of the child, there are some things we can do to help him to exploit the full potential, not to ignore the information.

Psychologist Thomas J. Darvill, PhD, This intelligence depends on the interaction of human genes and the environment in which it grows. So, if you feel it depends on your reactions, how to treat the child and how much attention it is, you are not far from the truth.

Psychologists have investigated that there are some things that harm the child and who, on the contrary, will encourage him to learn faster and finally to higher intelligence.

Preceded period

Period of childhood until the end of the third quarter. Development during this period is important for the child. The most tedious development disorders originate from prenatal damage. The fetus works completely – what the mother feels, how she feeds what she thinks and says.

Therefore you have to avoid stress, hard work, get the most relaxation and nutrients of valuable food. Although it seems rude if we remind you that you do not drink alcohol or caffeine, but many mothers are doing so. A born baby also has harmful effects on cigarettes and drugs that can limit the future of intelligence in a small amount.

During pregnancy, the future mother should worry about her body (and her fetus) and love. Eat wisely, enjoy a lot of fresh air and movement. Exercise, whether a yoga or an ordinary march in the forest, can help mothers have a better birth. The more they reinforce the pelvic floor and the muscles in the vagina, more likely it can handle the work easier. In addition, the movement of the baby benefits, even in the mother's abdomen.

Postnate period

Post-natal period is a new, happy and tough chapter of life for parents. The child's brain is literally predicted to learn, such as a sponge that needs to absorb information. Therefore, it must be exposed from the early days. Of course, its age is appropriate in terms of fatigue and the need to sleep. The stack of stimuli is very annoying, the child may lose interest and become apathetic.

One of the most important things the child needs for proper development is to feel safe. Tracy Cutchlow, editor of the book Brain Rules for Baby, says that if a child does not feel safe, she can not learn. Therefore, it is not fitting to let him shout.

If a child cries without intervention from a mother, the brain floods the body with stress hormone that acts toxic. It damages the neurons in the brain, which will also show the future ability to learn new information quickly and quickly. Keep the baby in your arms, contact your body to body (baby and mother) improve the sense of security and massage. Seduces sit and deepen the relationship between parents and children.

Matkin's voice calms the baby, it is the first thing she had ever had in her womb. It is a familiar environment, it means security and protection. Tell him, even if he is false, he does not matter the child. Read stories, talk to them as often as possible.

The more the child hears the language, faster he can recognize the words. An investigation found that children whose mothers had spoken and displayed their tongue had 1.5 times higher IQ. The voice must be calm and loving. Ready stories can help you learn words. Show your children's images and try to call the emotions of the animals. Do you smile the bear? Show him and the child says that there is fate or joy. It supports both empathy and sensitivity to feelings and feelings of others.

Let's keep kids close

Of course, the child's safety is the first place. however Think about physical limitation for an early age child as well as a limitation of psychological development. The child learns with all feelings, touch and movement of the body. He needs to think, try and have the greatest freedom of movement. Losing, cracking should be done as often as possible.

Movement helps to correct cognitive operation, stimulates the front lobe to concentration and attention, and promotes the development of a hippocampus that is responsible for memory. If the baby can not play yet, you can move your hands. Contact with mother and the perception of her movement to bring the child into the world will feel as part of a mother, which is natural and correct.

The more, the child learns to interact with a person, not passively looking at fair history or showing an incentive that can not be explored. Go with the baby, show things and call them. Allow the seed to take them in hand, allow him time to explore – helping to develop language skills.

Just remember a simple thing – children need to feel safe and loved. They do not need a hill of toys, only parental attention. Give them a lot of their time, play with them, go to nature, spend time as a family as often as possible. Dissemination, whether physical or emotional and mental, is the main reason why children do not notice their full potential.

An important mom and her education stand for a successful child

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