Tuesday , January 26 2021

Fialka's lawyers again ask for the SBA to end the illegal procedure

Bratislava, November 21 (TASR) – GARANT PARTNER legal office repeats its request to the Biatlone Union to end the illegal procedure against Pauline and Ivone Fialkovi and allow them to represent the Slovak Republic.

This was done after lawyers received the report from the Chief Sports Controller, based on the lawyer's announcement of November 19, 2018. The Chief Sports Officer, according to the lawyer, met his conclusions that constantly showed the illegal practice of the Slovak-Biathlon Association.

Law Office GARANT PARTNER Legal Sr. In this context, he gave the world the opinion to publish the full text of the TASR without publishing houses:

"The law of GARANT PARTNER's office legally from Sestier Fialkov's legal legal representative received the report of the Chief Sport Controller, based on the notice of the legal firm dated 19.11.2018.

First of all, we are grateful to the encouragement of the staging and at the same time we announce that the Chief Sports Officer fully supported the conclusions of the legal firm that constantly indicated the illegal access to the Federal Biatlone Federation (in the next "SZB") when the State Sport Agreement to Fialkov Nurses. The Chief Auditors recommended the Biatonic Union without delay to take the following measures:

1. in accordance with § 29 par. 3 of Action No. 440/2015 Coll. adopt the internal direction of the Slovak Biatlone Association, which will deal with the rights and obligations of the sports representative,

2. to fulfill the Sporting Committee on the conclusion of controlling relations governing the pursuit of sporting activities under the Sports Law,

3. Disciplinary activities for violation of the decision of SZB bodies to fulfill the internal rules of the SZB, the Action of Sport and the Constitution of the Slovak Republic.

Law Office GARANT PARTNER Legal Sr. it repeats its request on the Biatlón Federation of Slovakia to end the illegal procedure against Fialkov's sisters, who lasted several months, issued the representative of Slovakia's representative, who signed Fialka's sisters and allowed Fialka's nuns to represent the Slovak Republic. At the same time, we reaffirm that Fialka sisters will respect the legal framework in the use and appreciation of their personal rights by the Biatlón Federation of the Slovak Republic under the provisions of the Sport Law, "according to the opinion of the lawyer.

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