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He doesn't want to wait: at Czecha a singer (45) would take a child with a girlfriend (16) right away … He might not be old!


He also had a younger girlfriend in the past, but not so much. The 15-year gap was still overlooked. And yet Nikola was already an adult, while Lucia was still a child. There is a thirty-year distance between her and Bohuš. The singer may be her father, but he resists being happy together. "We love each other. We are not very interested in the speeches of others. We do not look at each other's lives either, our relationship works and we are great together. Our love could be similar to the one in the movie Old Men on Hops , " Matuš commented on the website

The Czecha singer (45) saves the situation: His 16-year-old girl has confirmation that she's a virgin … but she wants a baby!

The couple has to like it so much that the music star is already planning a wedding. But she has to wait until Lucie is the oldest. There were also words about common offspring. Initially the singer was responsible and claimed that when his young girlfriend was old and married. "She'll be seventeen next year when she is old, so I can marry her. And I want to marry her, it's wonderful. Now he has enough time for a child, but when someone loves you, he wants everything with you. So at nine it would be possible, " he recently claimed, but already spying a bit.

Bohus Matus plans to marry his Lucy and have a baby. But she is still a child.

He doesn't want to wait:

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He talks about Lucy as his chosen wife, and he seems deadly serious. The words about the child have been restored and although, in his own words, he wanted to wait until at least nineteen, it will not be a problem even next year. "I was born to my mother when she was seventeen, so I can imagine it and I'm not against it," said Bohuš, who is convinced that his beloved Lucinka can imagine it. Well, whether this love will last and end with the whole wedding and the child is questionable at the moment.

Did you have a child before your twentieth birthday?

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