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He left Slovak for knives, now he was shot by hetrik: I wish them only the best


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Slovenian Bratislava hockey players continue their preparatory matches for the new season at the Hradec Kralove Mountain Cup. While in the first duels they won over Pardubice 3: 0, in the second they lost to the home team 2: 6. Radek Smoleňák, who played for the "whites" in the KHL for less than two seasons, shone with fiction.

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And just outside the capital of Slovakia, a 32-year-old from Prague turned to Hradec Kralove a year ago. At the time, he left the white jersey after a very unsuccessful year, when he played only 24 games thanks to the alleged backstage scenes of then-sports director Oldřich Štefl.

"With this gentleman, hockey must stop! The interesting thing is that everyone sees it. At the same time, he makes a huge number of great people for the Slavs, and one man is hurting it. Its history is given, there is nothing to add," he said Smoleňák, who played in Slavia from summer 2016 to December 2017, but only added 37 starts to his account, with a total of 30 points.

"Every club has given me a new impetus and experience. It's probably Slavs where the ending was really fun. Especially Štefl's behavior. I mostly scored, but it still made me pariah. noted the hockey player earlier in the year.

Now he started his first match after last season and with Hradec Kralove declared his former club 6: 2, which was shot extra hetrik. It may seem that the former attacker of the "whites" wanted to return the borrowed Slavs, but in the post-match conversation did not indicate something similar. Bad.

"I'm glad the viewers at Kuk (Roman Kukumberg) or Stajny (Martin Stajnoch) didn't forget. It was very nice because they did a lot of work here," Smoleňák alluded to the fact that former Hradec Králové hockey players played in Slovak. "I will keep my fingers crossed for the Slavs to resume and play on the grades to which people are accustomed."

For Hradec Kralove it was the second match in the preseason tournament, in which the home club recorded an award win, having previously lost to Spartak Moscow 1: 2 after singles. Radek Smoleňák was on the ice for the first time. And whether the intention was against the Slavs, he answered clearly:

"Certainly not. It was a coincidence. We have a lot of teammates on the team and we need everyone to play something and have a chance to fight for the team. Everyone plays the same. So let's see how the coaches set it up in the next match. these matches in preparation, so everyone is given time to change, "added Radek Somleňák.



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