Wednesday , August 17 2022

Honor already offers TVs. News features a Huawei operating system – Image and Sound – Science and Technology


Honorary Vision, TV

Honorary Television Television.


Honor Vision will show how HarmonyOS works, which Huawei wants to replace Android.

Many see the Honor brand as an independent Chinese company to which they are based
extremely successful in the segment of mid-size smartphones. Few do, though
Understand that Honor is a subsidiary of Huawei and more
It is thanks to this interconnection that it can offer technological solutions.
The new Honor Vision is a showcase. Several of its components
hails from Huawei, not to mention the new operating system
HarmonyOS, which the company has in "backup" if required
give up on android.

Huawei will test whether the HarmonyOS system is on Honor Vision
quite mature and robust. The company introduced him only before
a few days with the comment that Android will continue dialing the number
to. However, it will gradually deploy its own operating system to
smart watches, TVs, in-vehicle systems and loudspeakers.
Then select phones from both brands will be added to them.

Two variants, the same power

The TV will be sold in Vision and Vision Pro. both
use a powerful tailoring chip called Honghu
818. An eight-core chip is designed to help improve and optimize
resolution and color contrast. The TV screen has 55 inches, 60Hz
frequency, 4K resolution and 16: 9 aspect ratio. The frame is thick
6.9 millimeters.

Television Honorary Vision. "Date-original ="

Honorary Television Television.

Also interesting is the profile, which is from the top to the stand
is expanding. In the extended part there are ports, but also four (Vision)
up to six (Vision Pro) 10W speakers. Specialty is also an extruder
camera over the screen and integrated 16 or 32 GB storage.
The TV has Bluetooth 5.0 support, with the ability to listen to music
on two pairs of headphones, the latest WiFi standard and USB 3.0.

TVs will be sold on the domestic market for 480 euros (Vision) and
600 euros (Pro Vision). Availability and prices for Europe not yet

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