Wednesday , August 17 2022

Huawei will introduce the first smartphone with its own operating system later this year


The fourth quarter of 2019 is set to be the time when Huawei will introduce its own smartphone operating system.

These sheds originate from an unnamed source, expressed by the Chinese state media Global Times. So a cellphone with its own opener system comes along with the flagship series Mate 30. If you thought the Mate 30 series can equip this system, you are mistaken.

Huawei cannot afford to bet on flagship carriers. You still have to get the classic Android. The first device with Huawei's own system is to fall into the lower middle class with a price tag of around 250 euros. There are many reasons for this. This group of devices usually sells better than flagship models and its users are not really interested in the operating system they operate. They are primarily content consumers who want to use their favorite services.


Huawei is likely to test the new system on cheaper devices, so that they expand as much as possible and that potential customers are not very demanding, which in case of problems with launching platforms will not have such a negative impact. At the same time, however, the new system could reach more people, which can encourage developers to build applications for it.

The report also says that the new system will have more in common with OS Fuchsia than with Android. OS Fuchsia is thought to be an open source system (also by Google), which is more complex and will replace Android in the future. It was originally thought that the new system would be the Hongmeng OS, but this, according to the company, is designed for Internet devices.

Of course we have to pay attention to this information. First they are provoked by anonymous people and then published by the media, which operates under the Chinese government. From a statement by Huawei representatives in the past, the company would prefer to remain using Android, but the U.S. market is concerned about Chinese dominance. This is essentially a tactical game whose ending will only show time.

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