Thursday , June 17 2021

Kira revealed the mystery for years: Why did she have that hat with love?

Christmas comes, and with them the stream of movies belonging to this period are inseparable. At the right time, the images of shooting one of the most popular Christmas movies about love has arrived.

Actress Kira Knightley She mentioned her iconic role in the last interview, so it is clear that her character in the film Love in fact He did not leave without a response. But Kira caught the listeners and the spectators behind the behind-the-scenes information they did not really expect.

A memory scene

You will surely remember the scene when Kira or her character And Juliet Requires a video of her wedding and her husband's best friend – Mark (Andrew Lincoln) Says no one, although we all know the truth is somewhere else. Mark was in love with Juliet over his ears and during the wedding Just photographed it.

Kira told the editor if something about her career is what she regrets, and that's her biggest A fashion mistake She responded very clearly-the scene just mentioned, or the hat on her head.

Love in fact

Love in fact

Source: Northfoto

Quick solution

What you do not know about this scene is that Kira had this hat on her head for a very good reason. The reason we all understand very well – her forehead was adorned with acne that can not be covered with makeup or lighting.

The costume designer immediately reacted and put Kier on her head A fateful hat And the crisis is blessed. The actress shot at the scene without any sign of anxiety and we can enjoy this movie, including the scene, even this year.


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