Monday , June 21 2021

Michel Legrand died –

He won the Oscars three times.

Bratislava. Release his movie or jazz compositions, so you've never had a good time at home. And such a growing mood, even with a bit of soreness.

The French composer Michel Legrand won Oscar three years, which seems to be the logical result of a study at the Paris Conservatory, where he had to repeat the series several times.

Teacher Nadia Boulanger, famous for her rigidity and uncomfortable access to students, did not want him to go up – because he was sorry to leave her favorite and talented student.

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But such a person ever needed to enter the world.

On the night of Saturday, January 26, Michel Legrand died as a legend, one of the best and most famous composers who fell in love with cinema and changed it, not even with humor.

The fatal encounter came by the sea

"My luck was that I always felt like a beginner, so I always enjoyed music," said Legrand a year in an interview with Le Figaro.

He started playing when he was three years old. In the kitchen was a radio, he tried to copy what he had just heard in the room. He often did not have a good soul when he grew slightly larger, the parents were divorced, and the common family disappeared.

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