Wednesday , October 5 2022

Morning Columns in Bratislava: Stay up to 20 minutes and report a round-trip accident


Drivers up to 20 minutes are reported by drivers in Dunajská Lužná towards Rovinka and Bratislava. Delays of up to 15 minutes are expected in Bratislava on Svornosti and Popradská in the direction of the city and in Ivanka on Dunaji in the direction of Bernolákov to the capital.

Columns and delays of up to ten minutes are reported by drivers at D2 behind Stupava in the direction of Bratislava, in Bratislava at Hradská in the direction of Vrakun to center, at D1 before entering Bratislava, in front of the Port Bridge in the direction of Senec. In the columns the drivers also stand in the direction of Cerna Coda and from Vajnory to the city, in Nearest Bratislava, behind Studený and Miloslavov in the direction of the city, where drivers report a ten-minute delay. In Bratislava on Račianska, drivers will stay five minutes towards the city.

According to Green Wave RTVS, a traffic accident happened at a roundabout on Friday morning at the mall between Lamač and Devínská Nová Ves. One bar is blocked.

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