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Nicholson put on a Truban! Drugs do not, however, prevent her: The main reason is quite different


Following the explosion of details about Truban's past, during which he said he had tried some drugs, including LSD, Lucia Ďuriš Nicholson also decided to speak. He is currently a member of the European Parliament and is suspended for Freedom and Solidarity.

The former SaS member does not criticize drugs as much as his character. TheToday the case of Truban and his drug past flew at me. And whether he lied and how much he lied and whether LSD is less or more harmful than tobacco. I'm not into these controversies, " MEP started.

Nicholson put on

Source: Facebook / Lucia Nicholson

The work of the devil

Nicholson did not interfere with her presentation. "Any alcoholic on the street and in parliament now pretends that a marijuana cigarette is the devil's job to take away anyone from the prime minister's throne. Nicholson thinks.

The last nail in Truban's coffin? VIDEO He wrote that he was selling craft! He said he wants to be fun

Deleting another message

A freedman with a suspended membership, however, has his head in grief over something else. "Personally, the most wonderful thing about me in the whole case is the message of the adult's maturity with great ambitions to divide others into decisive and indecent and young and old," Nicholson wrote and added a comparison of his little son. TheMy Cube can clearly tell whether he is doing something or not, and whether it was good or bad, and when he lies he does not pretend that he is not deceiving and especially he does not have so many awkward speeches about it. And it actually fails to replace heroism, " Nicholson finished.

In the evening the MEP was further enriched by an explanatory statement. TheHis problem is not marijuana or LSD. It turns out to be an underdeveloped boy with exaggerated ambitions. Another opposition leader who does not have a leader. And at this point his problem becomes our problem. What's next? " added a member of the faction of European Conservatives and Reformers.

The case has several stages

The president of Progressive Slovakia is now well suited to the case of his past, when he acknowledged that he had used drugs in his youth. The whole case surfaced after the lost video of his lecture resurfaced to students where, without a napkin, they compared work success with the effects of drugs. From the context of the sentences he spoke, he appeared to have experimented with them and also used terms like "bad trip," a depressing state experienced by a drug addict with diminishing effect. This term is more associated with using harder drugs than LSD.

Truban acknowledged in a social video that he tried both marijuana and LSD. However, he also faced the continuation of this case, which is based on quotes on the now non-existent blog site, which Truban has established in the past. Under his own account, one of the blog posts started with the words: "I won't destroy long, today I'm still going to sell 5 grams of white, so fast,". Truban responded to these findings that they were humorous posts they sent among friends when they were young

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