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Nissan wants more influence after the arrest of Carlo Ghosn – Magazine – Car

Carlosa Ghosn, the head of the Ranult-Nissan-Mitsubishi-Alliance, is not only worth the financial tap. Nissan has failed to hear he wants more autonomy.

Carlos Ghosn, the rescuer of Renault and Nissan, and ...

Carlos Ghosn, the rescuer of Renault and
Nissan, and one of the most influential men in the car industry
currently in Japanese custody.
Author: Renault-Nissan

Japan is willing to work on the stability of the alliance
Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi after the arrest of the joint chairman of the board
Carlosa Ghosna. This was announced by a member of the Nissan leadership on Wednesday
he added that the Japanese automaker looks for ways to reduce its impact
French partner The arrest of Ghosn for alleged repression of income
in official documents and on the misuse of Nissan's finances
Personal goals that shook the 19-year alliance in which she joined
and Mitsubishi car manufacturer in 2016, may also have other backgrounds.

Ghosn personally formed an alliance and tried to reinforce it even more.
This would mean closer to companies that are not Japanese
side to taste. "We have to go back to the original idea of" gain gain
relationship, "Nissan told a journalist about a condition of conservation
anonymity According to him, relations in the alliance should be "more equal than
before. "Reducing the part of Renault in Nissan, which has recovered
from the immediate bankruptcy after Ghosn was in charge of leadership, and
Today wins more than Renault, it should be one of the options,
the source added.

A French automatist currently owns a 43.4% of Nissan,
which has a 15% stake in Renault and a 34% share in Mitsubishi Motors.
Leader of Nissan Hiroto Saikawa later introduced the Japanese car-maker
the arrest of Carlosa Ghosn as a victim of presumed slow treatment. At the same time,
Nissan himself meets control. Asahi daily reported this Wednesday
The prosecution is considering a request against a Japanese automobile manufacturer. In the media, so
discovering the powerful battle in the alliance. Because Ghosn is possible
disappeared from the image, its form is subject to intense speculation.

Prime Minister of Mitsubishi Motors Osamu Masuko said Tuesday
It may be difficult to manage an alliance administration without such administration
personalities like Ghosn. Alliance is a success that helps car manufacturers
together to develop products and control costs, are for its members
Especially when the entire industry suffers great changes.
There is a change in the "flavors" of consumers and rivals investing billiards in new ones
growing areas, such as automated vehicles connected to the internet.

In view of these factors, the Japanese and French governments supported the alliance
and asked her stability to be supported after Ghosn was arrested. Japan on Wednesday
announced that it is ready to hold the alliance. "It's a symbol
French-Japanese industry success, "said the government speaker
in Tokyo, and asked for a "stable relationship between the three automobiles".
The French side still stands behind his head. Renault name
Temporary administration, but Ghosna as CEO and CEO
the Executive Director was not officially called.

French automaker wants to wait for more detailed information
from the Japanese side. Nissan requested all the information
in relation to internal research. "In the time he will be a gentleman
In order to solve their legal affairs in Japan will be his powers
associated with the function of chief officer Thierry Bolloré, "
the Government Board declared. He will temporarily provide the office of President of the Executive Board
Philippe Lagayette. Appointment of temporary administration, Renault met
the requirement of the French government, who owns 15 percent of the company

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