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ONLINE Fighter – Anterselva 2019 (Kuzminová, Fialková)

The race was won by Wierre.

World Cup in Biatlone 2018/2019 – Anterselvo, Italy

Races of 10 km of women:

first Dorothea Wierer Italy 29: 20.1 min 2 tr. district.
second Laura Dahlmeier Germany + 6.0 s 1 tr. district.
third Glata Vittozzi Italy + 16.2 s 2 tr. district.
4th Mars Olsbu-Roiseland Norway + 33.9 s 3 tr. district.
5th Anastasia Kuzmin Slovakia + 46.5 s 4 tr. district.
6th Smooth Theresa Hauser Austria + 55.8 s 2 tr. district.
28a Paulina Fialk Slovakia + 2: 51.5 min 5 tr. district.
33 a Ivona Fialk Slovakia + 3: 20.7 min 4 tr. district.

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ANTERSELVA. The Italian doctor Dorothea Wierer won the Fighting Women Championships in the Anterselve World Cup.

In the second place, German Laura Dahlmeier ended up, winning Wieres for six seconds. The third party was another Italian Lisa Vittozzi with a loss of 16.2 seconds on the winner.

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The winner of the total World Cup leader, before Vittozzi, has 24 points. Wierer won the sixth world career, first in a fighter.

Anastasia Kuzmin, the 10th place in the fourth sprint, took fifth place. She made four mistakes on the firing, three in the light and one on the foot.

On the track, the second faster runs from all the beginnings and generally jumped to third place.

Another Slovak rider Paulina Fialková started from the 30th place, missing five goals and finished on the 28th round. In the overall ranking of the World Cup, it fell into fifth place.

His sister Ivona Fialk finished in the 33th place after four fire mistakes.

The 6th World Cup program in Anterselve lasts on Saturday at 15:30 of the 12.5 km race of men. This Sunday, the program will close the women's course at 12:45 and the men at 15:30.

World Cup

Total running order (after 14 out of 26 runs):

first Dorothea Wierer Italy 592 b
second Glata Vittozzi Italy 568 p
third Anastasia Kuzmin Slovakia 485 p
4th Mars Olsbu-Roiseland Norway 477 p
5th Paulina Fialk Slovakia 473 p
6th Kaisa Mäkäräinen Finland 405 p
53 a Ivona Fialk Slovakia 40 b

Middle rank in wrestlers (5 out of 8):

first Dorothea Wierer Italy 256 p
second Glata Vittozzi Italy 232 p
third Mars Olsbu-Roiseland Norway 183 p
4th Kaisa Mäkäräinen Finland 180 b
5th Anastasia Kuzmin Slovakia 171 b
6th Paulina Fialk Slovakia 148 b
66 a Ivona Fialk Slovakia 8 b

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