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Pellegrini is on vacation and is looking into her future – Diary N


On Sunday evening, a smiling Pedro Pellegrini spoke at Domaša with a captain on his head. Cruiser returned to the surface of the reservoir after years to which the government contributed.

On Monday afternoon, Pellegrini had registered on Soumračná Street to discuss political issues at the Headquarters with Party President Robert Fico. The fact that the prime minister goes to the party president and does not conversely speak to the nature of the relationship tandem.

The Prime Minister, after meeting with Fico, did not have a warm smile on Domas's face, and without questioning any journalists, he began to talk about how they can talk to the party president normally and nothing dramatic happened in the direction. "We are arguing, we can sit at one table and tell each other our positions."

Business lunch and Kalinak in the building

In fact, there are many topics to talk about. They both already have after the holidays and before the autumn, which will decide, inter alia, on which line next year's parliamentary elections will be set.

There has been talk for several weeks in the Directorate about the possibility that Pellegrini will step down if he does not agree with his next position with the party president.

Peter Pellegrini before Direction. Photo N – Tomáš Benedikovič

"We had a normal business lunch," the prime minister said after the meeting. "We exchanged opinions, clarified things, nothing dramatic, just a standard meeting, which, I don't think, deserves such huge attention."

What he spoke to President Direction simply suggested: "We meet very often now to come to a definitive result as soon as possible." Pellegrini did not answer the question as to whether they are talking about the Prime Minister's future. Otherwise, the most talkative Prime Minister stayed with journalists for just a minute and then sat in the government limousine.

At the time of the meeting, Fico's closest associate, Interior Minister Robert Kali ,ák, was also at the party's headquarters, but he says he did not attend the interview.

Summer on the waves and in the air

Vice President of Management and currently the most popular politician of this party in recent weeks has been mainly on vacation and has nothing to hide. After some uprising, especially in Smer's Košice districts, which Fico vigorously ended in June after returning to Slovakia from his holiday, the party leader took the lead, while Pellegrini first followed the prime minister's agenda at government or European summits.

Prime on a motor boat. Photo – FB PP

His shots on a boat in Italy became famous. On social media he showed off his new image with a red face at sea. Besides Domaš, he also attended the folklore festival in Zámutov, in memory of the victims of the mining disaster in Nováky, previously at the Slovak National Festival in Serbia Báčsky Petrovec. At the flight show in Sliac he also boasted as a pilot that he already mastered elements of aerobatics.

Another approach to Kočner

It is worth mentioning one holiday moment that distinguishes Pellegrini from Fico. There was a reaction to the reports that Marian Kočner, accused of ordering the murder of Ján Kuciak, and a Nitra merchant, Norbert Bödör, had police commanded by Tibor Gašpar in command, and that Kočner confessed to communicating with Bödö that he would keep Direction in power.

While Fico described it in a conspiratorial spirit as trying to overcome the problems of the progressive Slovak leader with drugs, Pellegrini pointed out that he was taking the police control report of Bödörom and Kočner seriously.

In July, the Prime Minister made his younger and older version using FaceApp, an app that collects data about you. Photo – FB by Peter Pellegrini

In a video from August 1, he spoke of his concern about the influence of some people on police authorities. "Must rule a fall," he said, talking about affected people who are now in custody.

Ficove tlačovky

Otherwise, while the prime minister was in summer mode in July, all political agenda communication took over Fico, though he was only visible from time to time. He commented on the opposition and referred to his party's operation in three governments as a "little political miracle."

He was also on the construction site behind the workers, and in the press he talked about improving the conditions of employees working in hot heat or extreme cold.

He had a press release about how the state should regain men's livelihood for women who can't reach it, about raising the minimum wage. He visited the logistics center and had a press conference with unionists to strengthen the welfare state and employees.

After a series of Fico prints, Pellegrini returns – on Tuesday, for example, to begin the demolition work at Rázsoch in Bratislava, where a new university hospital will be built. The government will also meet again next Wednesday.

Future of Gaspar

Peter Pellegrini has not spoken "between four eyes" for several weeks, according to Direction with Fico, although preliminary talks about his future in the Direction took place before the flight. Chief executive said he has promised one on the candidate for parliamentary elections, and Fico will be number two. Pellegrini, however, did not accept such an offer without further conditions and is trying to join other people in his district on the candidate's direction.

In the air in early August on air days in Cleveland. Photo – FB PP

In addition to Petr Pellegrini's future, the debate in Management also includes whether the former president of the Republic, Tibor Gašpar, belongs to Fidel's candidate, to whom Fico promised an election position last year. However, an investigation into the murder of Ján Kuciak and Martina Kušnírová shows that defendant Kocner had long-standing protections with the Gašparová police.

In the meantime Gašpar has started building his brand and his Facebook profile is full of political statements, most recently he criticized President Zuzana Čaputová.

The Prime Minister is also not happy that Deputy Ľuboš Blaha, known for his radical Facebook communication in recent months, could also be at the top of the list.

The meeting with Pico about Pellegrini's future is not the last. When the prime minister decides whether to stay in the party is unclear.

At the Sedlisky Craft and Honey Festival in eastern Slovakia. Photo – FB PP

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