Thursday , February 9 2023

Plekáec no longer worries her: Vondráčková has a new guy .. At the airport caught up with this 10 year old piece!


Not long ago, Lucie returned to Canada, where she still had a few things left. She also announced that she was leaving on Instagram, where she wrote only a brief comment "for bags". What she didn't praise, though, is that she didn't fly alone abroad. The company made her a 10-year-old younger rabbit who managed to reveal photographers from the at Czecha portal

There is a definite ending between Lucie Vondráčková and Tomáš Plekance.

Lucie Vondrackova, Tomas Plekanec


The blond was shot dead right in the airport, where they noticed an unknown man constantly revolving around her. It was no coincidence, as they spent all their time together, and Lucie handled everything at the airport for both of them. Finally, the portal revealed its identity. After Plekance he will go another top athlete Tomáš Zonyga, who is dedicated to parkour.

Lucie Vondráčková appeared with Tomáš Zonyg at the airport. She says it's her new love.

The plague no longer worries her:

Source: Instagram T.Ž.

Tomáš Zonyga is a professional athlete, he is 10 years younger than the singer.

The plague no longer worries her:

Source: Instagram T.Ž.

"Lucka doesn't want to know, but she's in love. She doesn't want it to come out before the divorce, but she also has a new partner, " revealed to a source from around the singer, saying it must be a parkour teacher who is also dedicated to her children, and Vondráčková was apparently confident in her new relationship with her friends.

Do you think Tomáš and Lucie are really a couple?

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