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Ranking of the world's largest companies: Seven years of Apple's reign is over, new chief executive


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The additional market capitalization of the hundred largest companies in the world reached a record value of $ 21 trillion in 2019, up more than 5% year over year. At the same time it is a slowdown compared to the previous growth of 10%.

Managed by US companies

Most of the largest hundred companies come from the United States. They have a total of 54 of them, accounting for 63 percent of total market capitalization. On the other hand, the rank of European and Chinese companies represented in the ranking decreased by five and four percent respectively. For the first time, a company from Saudi Arabia appeared in the ranking, and India, which now has two companies among the top 100, also restarted.

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Source: SITA

"The dominance of the United States is mainly due to the growing strength of the four best ranked players, who annually increase their lead over the rest of the rankings," said an expert from PwC's CR advisory department Antonín Koukolík. "This is largely due to their ability to innovate and bring new services and products to customers. US firms have dominated the stock for a long time thanks to the traditional stock market tradition and size of the U.S. economy. The size and maturity of the national marketplace. China like Alibaba, " added Koukolík.

The largest companies in the world:


Healthcare up, finance down

Technology companies accounted for 27 percent of the total market capitalization of the ranking. Major healthcare and telecommunications companies recorded significant year-over-year growth (of 15 percent). On the other hand, the rate of firms in the financial sector fell by three percent.

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Source: SITA

The biggest appreciation in the last ten years has been Amazon, which is now $ 843 billion more valuable to the eyes of stock investors. Netflix prevailed in a relative comparison that managed to estimate by 6081 percent. The rank has changed in nearly ten years, with 53 companies remaining in it.

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