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State: 4ka does not agree with removing the frequency cap. She took action


(4) The operator does not appear to be competing for the remaining band.

Even at the end of last year, the State Regulatory Office decided to take the remaining 1,800 MHz band. will be able to compete all concerned. Initially only 4 or 5 operators could get a larger block of frequencies to limit, but not expected to arrive.

Why not even the strong three mobile players – Orange, Telekom and O2? The reason was the previously set cap frequency of 2×20 MHz per operator. Operators with more broadband could no longer participate. The Office initially stated that it wanted to prevent the accumulation of frequencies by individual players.

Auction canceled for step O2

Orange starts the auction originally announced couldn't. O2 and Telekom could only compete for small blocks. The largest block could only get a new supplier or 4ka.

O2 didn't agree with that and moved a small portion of the frequencies to competitive company Slovanet be able to compete also for 5 MHz block frequencies. The Office probably canceled the auction for this step and has not yet announced a new term.

He officially says he was told of facts that could "have a major impact on changing spectrum allocation." According to the Office, these could frustrate the purpose of the set election criteria.

It is not known yet combines the frequency auction in the band 700 Mhz – Suitable for 5G networks – with or without the remaining 1 800 MHz band. "Currently, we are unable to confirm or refute the information that frequencies of the 1800 MHz frequency band will be part of the prepared bid," said regulator spokesman Roman Vavro.

4ka has frequencies in only one band – 1 800 MHz. The competition also has a low 800 MHz band suitable for LTE coverage of large areas and countryside, as well as other frequencies.

The lawsuit was filed in O2 court, lost and the 4th operator remains.

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What she wanted

The regulator for recently confirmed that 4ka did not agree with this step and turned to the court. Its operator, Swan Mobile, has taken action to modify the "annex to the spectrum plan" for the 800 MHz band. "He suggested removing the new annex to the plan," Vavro said.


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4ka does not want to remove the frequency cap for individual operators.

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In practice, this means that 4ka was required to maintain the frequency limit. In the application, Swan Mobile sought to obtain a preliminary ruling from the Regional Court that the frequency cap should be applied – to trial.

"The regional court rejected the motion to stop the action," Vavro said. The court has not yet decided on removing the frequency cap.

Swan and Swan Mobile (4) are owned by DanubiaTel, both are jointly owned by DanubiaTel, with a 50 percent stake in Swan Mobile and one hundred percent in Swan Mobile.

4th: Unlimited, the auction will be useless

Recently we talked about removing the frequency limit with Vice President and Swan Mobile (4th) leader Roman Vavrik.

"We have filed a lawsuit against the regulatory authority to cancel the frequency limit. It has not yet been decided," he confirmed to Živé.sk. "The Office can announce a proposal without having to wait for a sentence," says Vavrík.

At the same time, he adds, if the auction is announced without a frequency cap, the operator will not care whether it will participate. "We will not be able to get past our multinational competitors, given the financial opportunities. Therefore, we will consider whether we will be fully involved or bring another lawsuit on unfair terms of any competition," adds Vavrík.

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