Wednesday , August 17 2022

Tesla is facing litigation to limit the range of some electric vehicles


Two software updates have caused problems for some Tesla electric car owners. Among others considerable reduction of range. As Tesla has not arrived fast enough with the promised means, some owners are trying to resolve this with a complaint.

We've already reported the problematic updates, and some believe they could theoretically be related to the Tesla Model S fire that burned in April in one of Shanghai's garages.

Drop to 11%

According to Tek, owners of affected electric vehicles should have experienced a 10% drop after upgrades 2019.16.1 or 2019.16.2. Electrek, in turn, reported that some US owners lost 19 to 48 km on the territory. This seems to be particularly affected by the Model S / X P85D.

One of the least satisfied owners is David Rasmussen, who within 5 weeks after one of these updates dropped range to 11%, losing 48 km. Tesla told him it was a normal battery.

Reason "battery protection"

However, Tesla later stated that the purpose of the upgrades was to protect the battery and its life. She added that the "small" size reduction due to software upgrades affected "only a very small number of owners of older S and X models" and worked to lessen its negative impact.

No remedy, followed by a criminal complaint

According to Rasmussen, however, nothing has changed, which is why he made a criminal complaint against Tesla, reports Electrek. According to him, this is not only a drop in range of his Tesla Model S 85 electric car, but also limits the tax burden. And it's not supposed to be the only one that processed Tesla in this case.

Tesla's current statement

In this regard, Tesla stated for Electrek: "Providing the best customer experience with an emphasis on maximum security has always been our priority. None of these issues are as indifferent to us as this complaint suggests. A very small percentage of owners of older S and X models may have noticed a small reduction in range after the battery has charged up to 100% after an upgrade designed to provide a better life. As we said, we are working to reduce its negative impact and have released OTA updates related to the theme since last week. "

Well, we believe that everything will end well. It's a shame Tesla didn't communicate with its customers anymore. Apparently it didn't have to go that far. And we hope that the new update will bring the desired resource.

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