Wednesday , June 16 2021

The university's representatives want to raise the budget by 60 million: a clear response from the educational sector

The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport (MŠVVaŠ) of the Slovak Republic sees the request to increase the budget of 60 million euros to be unrealistic.

This was stated by the resort in response to a message from university representatives on Tuesday in the presence of the Slovak Rector's Conference, Council for Higher Education and Institutions of the Student Council for Higher Education, which They want to raise public funding to public universities for € 60 million a year. According to university representations, funding should be excluded from European investment in structural funds, social support for students and wage valorisation.

The head of the Department of Communication and Education, the protocol, Ryak Pike Ahbacher, recalled that the budget for 2019 was approved by the Slovak government in October and preceded several years of negotiations. "We recommend that universities take advantage of their opportunities to join the challenges of funding euros, Which far exceeds the state budget. We wish to remind you that since May 2018, when we announce the challenges in the operational research and innovation program, we are not recording the interest of any college, "she said.

The ministry further noted that The number of university students is dropping by 10,000 each year. "This fact is based on the demographic curve, and there is also socio-economic pressure to increase the quality of university studies, so the question of massive university funding must be combined with an emphasis on these two facts," added Fayek Eckberger. At the same time, it indicated funding for the rehabilitation of institutions of higher education or higher wages for higher education workers.

"We require a budget adjustment in favor of universities so that it can be directed at the quality of colleges,"Said Robert Redhammer, vice-president of the Slovak Rector's Conference, who noted that the government's program statement supports the quality of higher education institutions. Some steps have been taken so that a minimum increase of this amount of 60 million euros I think it would be a good signal for the young people in this country we care about them, "he added.

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