Friday , October 7 2022

They are beautiful! Do you know the most attractive sons of our entertainment business?


Beautiful parents usually have beautiful children, although there are exceptions. You know whose sons of famous Slovaks and Slovaks endowed with genes. These hunts break my heart!

Yannick – the first son of Daniela Peštová

Daniela Peštová boasted a few days ago on social media with her 23-year-old son. Besides a strange name – named Yannick, he inherited beauty from his mother and the charm of his father, Tommaso Buti. Although she suffered a lot with this man, not only repeated her infidelity, but also spent her money.

In her eldest son, however, everything came back to her. Not only is he beautiful, but Daniela wrote about him in the photo: "You grew up in a man I can always trust. Being your mother makes me proud. Happy and proud. "

Yannick has tried modeling, but he doesn't like modeling. He would rather own his star brand.

Adam – son of Martin Nikodým

Well-known model and wife Paha Habera, with whom she has two children, is not the only one who can boast of a grown-up beauty. The son of Martin Nikodým Adam is also noted. He is also the first born son and is reaping success in modeling led by Elite Model Management Bratislava.

In addition to taking pictures, the friendly blonde is taking part in modeling competitions. Do you see a figure with a famous father?

Legal – son of Adriana Polak

Modeling also thrives on the 18-year-old son of fashion designer Adriana Poláková. Legal Polak performs at Exit Model Managemen, likes rap, travel and ice hockey.

His face has strictly masculine features, but fleshy lips and gaze soften them.

Martin – son of Vlado Vostinar

Another great performer – Vlado Voštinár. His son fascinates aviation, he studies at the aviation school in Trenčín.

Maybe they'll take you out soon.

Jáchym – son of Ivana Chýlková

Check out Ivana Chýlková's son and actor Ján Kraus! Jáchym Kraus is twenty and is the youngest of his siblings. Even though he also has modeling, he prefers to devote himself to foreign languages, sports and business. He also has experience in acting.

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