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VIDEO Export direct kick to Senice network: Žofčák it crashed in Ronald style!


Igor Žofčák (left) celebrates a goal
Igor Žofčák (left) celebrates a goal

MICHALOVCE – On Saturday, for the first time in the season, three teams enjoyed league victories. MFK players Zemplín Michalovce got the easy way, scoring three goals in FK Senica in the first half.

The home football players wanted to win and win, and they reached the first of these goals already in the 9th minute. Vojtko swallowed the ball in the 16th minute, and Trusa rushed into the infield and opened the scoring 1 – 0.

In the first half, the home players had the upper hand and the goal, the guests did not show much football skills. Šance Turík and Kountouriotis did not score another goal, but in the 27th minute the home team got the chance. Carrillo scored a 2 – 0 goal for Žofčák's free kick.

Home captain Žofčák ran for one of the most beautiful goals of the previous season two minutes before the break, when he shot Taborda with a cross shot from a straight kick. Take a look at his excellent target (video shot in 2:45).

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