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Reali remained a hundred: in the center of Visek, after a tense finish, Khimki fell

The current Euroleague champion, Madrid's basketball players Real Madrid, also wanted to remain undefeated at the top of the table after seven rounds. In the seventh round, they waited for a demanding test when they moved to local fans with Moscow's Yemki, who this season is still not such a form, which last season also ranked in the elimination colors of the strongest basketball competition in the old continent. In the suburbs of Moscow, this season, Euroleague recorded 5 losses and only one victory in the opening six games. Madrid's rescue was very tense, and especially, very nervous, so we saw many interruptions. The first quarter was owned by locals, who after the introduction ten minutes led to 19:12. The second, Russian subversives have come a few times dangerous, but they are residents Pavela LassaThey always found that they remained "safe", but the game was far from being solved. In half an hour, the locals left with six points (41:35) after hitting the horn Gabriel. In the first half, two members of the national gold team entered the parquet. Anthony RandolphHe scored 4 points and 5 rebounds, Kalman Perplitz & # 39;, Who played only one minute in the first half, did not register between the shooter. At home, no one was excessive, in the first part of the game, the highest number of points, ie eight, came Fabien Causer. He was in the mood of the visitors' team Malcolm Thomas.


The third quarter was better by the hosts who took the score 5: 0 for the first time with two points of points, but the guests did not give up with the best quarter in the game they received from 20:15, in the last ten minutes of the game they entered only with a point behind the champion Current Europe. Real then improved the game in the last quarter and reconstructed the game three minutes before the end, but it was still not enough to tear the hard Moskvichs that came close to just fourteen seconds before the game ended back. The nervous performance of a free shot began, when basketball players hosted immediately interrupted Rilla's attack with a personal error. The hosts have successfully passed the test and legends of the club Sergio LuluFor the birthday of victory. In the end, it was 79:74 for Real. Randolph finished with 9 points and 6 jumps, he did not register for the game. Actually scored the seventh straight victory in the Euroleague. With the home team, he scored 15 points Jesse Carroll. They are in the host camp Tony Crocker in Anthony GillContributed 16 points.

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The first victory for the future
In the seventh round of the strongest European basketball competition until the first victory came to the players of the battle, led by former strategist of the Olympic Games Ljubljana and Novo Masto Karka, Alexander Džikić. Podgorica basketball players broke a series of six consecutive defeats against the Sakunia team, which suffered a fifth defeat following two victories. Edwin Jackson, who scored 24 points, was prominent among the hosts. They were also very hungry Earl ClarkWith 20 and Danilo Nicolik with 18 points. Former Slovenian representative Alan Omich & amp;This time it was not focused, because in less than 10 minutes the game contributed only two points.


Euroleague, Round 7:
Drukne Teppekan – AX Armani exchange Olympia Milan 92:98

Budućnost Podgorica – Kirolbet Baskonia Vitoria-Gasteiz 99:84

Olympiacos Piraeus – Constantinople 72:73

Real Madrid Khimki of Moscow 79:74


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