Monday , June 21 2021

Scouts were saved from the chamber boat at Krvavec

Mountain rescues and firemen had to help.

Due to strong winds, the Zvoh two-seat chair stopped at a Krvavec ski station, and all the shades that were seized on it, had already been saved, explained the operators of the ski station.

There is no information on how many people stayed on the chamber boat, but they said that, due to a strong wind, the device was stopped today after about one hour of operation.

Technical leader of the ski resort

Marko Grebenc

said it was a hurry wind soon, which left some people caught in a chamber boat.

"We could not empty the room immediately, so we launched a rescue,"

said and explained that when the opportunity became clear and the wind was calm, the room ship was gradually emptied and resigned to the rescue operation, as the help of firemen and mountain savers was not necessary.

Most devices are running

The Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Protection and Savings explained that the cable companies were seeking assistance from mountain rescue and professional firefighters from the Kranj Firefighters Service to rescue captive skizers. However, at about 10:30, the rescues worked to them that the wind was relaxed and they managed to save all the skies.

According to their website data, Krvavec has more than a meter of snow, and most of the devices currently operate. As seen from the chambers, the ski board attracted many snow-loving lovers this Saturday morning in clear weather.

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