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Frölunda – Djurgården: Among the worst I've ever seen

elHans Abrahamsson

Djurgården humiliates Frölunda in the first period in Scandinavia full.

Not a shadow over Djurgården – but the first 20 minutes were among the worst I saw Frölunda.

Both on the ice and in the door.

This is an exchange that is still lasting and lower than that law becomes 1-5 lower. But as much as the game goes, it was a surprise start.

He was ready for a hockey party in Scandinavia, a great city meeting and top between the home team in the second place and the fourth Djurgården.

After 20 minutes, it stood 5-1 for really sharp Djurgården. Djurgården also won the 14-3 shots and was very embarrassed in most cases. Is it possible to underestimate Djurgården's speed?

A whole nightmare for the parents of Gothenburg, who fully understood their home crowd.

The most difficult of all had the brand new Brandon Gormley, which was held last year for his game in Mora. Not at least for the first time after he arrived.

The hope, when he was recently recruited to Frölunda, was that he would give such a stable defensive game and contribute aggressively. The reports that I received from their former club, TPS, were not important.

But the first two matches with Frölunda yet gave positive signals.

Found contact with self-goal

In his home debut, he came so stealthily into the match that it could only be done. Gormley was at the first four goals, for only 14 minutes passed. At Djurgården's first goal, a starring Canadian completely worried about Daniel Brodin.

He could only watch when Djurgården increased to 2-1.

Then Frölunda received free contact thanks to Djurgården's self-goal. Adam Reideborn ruled Jason Garrison's fate and in his own goal.

After that beginning, Gormley might not even be on the ice – and at least it would be there when Djurgården's previous chain was inside. Still, Frölundabåset (backcoach Kristofer Näslund?) Continued to stop in Gormley as soon as Josefson & Co was on the ice.

Gormley can symbolize Frölunda's defensive game, but it was far from just his fault that it looked like it did.

It seemed paralyzed on the ice, and at least paralyzed in the yard.

I have already mentioned the match against Djurgården's first chain.

Why not endless

Another thing is that Roger Rönnberg did not change the doorman (Mattsson was available, but still not shown later) or took some time until Frölund was out of balance.

The way, when you left the game before the 1-0 goal of Djurgården came, told. Only at star 1-5, after a little more than 15 minutes, Rönnberg chose to take the time. What do you really say then?

I do not say that error saves everything. But at least it shows that as a coach is on the entrance and soon, in which direction it goes.

A Hockey match lasts three periods and when I write this, it was only played one. But unless Djurgården collapses altogether, that game ended after 20 minutes.

So many SM-golds have the SHL law 00:26

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