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Hard reactions to Jackson Documentary – Articles

In the movie "Leaving Neverland," the late superstar is accused of a sexual assault for two children in the 1990s. The now-grown boys Wade Robson and James Safechuck appear in the documentary and talked about what they were discovered and how they learned to live with it.

The four-hour movie was considered for the first time at the Sundance US festival on Friday, and both police and nurses attended the cinema to take care of powerful protests or illnesses caused by sad feelings in the audience, People write.

Strong emotions

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Michael Jackson. Stock Photo.

During the show, several in the audience shared their feelings in social media.

"We're just halfway in the movie, and I have to have to spend 400 times for ever to feel clean," writes David Erlich's movie reviewer on Twitter.

The reporter of the Daily Beast Kevin Fallon was also taken after a few hours of vision:

"What you thought was that you knew or knew, the content of this is more critical than you could imagine. And we're just halfway," he says.

Access to Hollywood's film critic Scott Mantz describes the movie as "shocking, difficult and devastating" and the Time Gerrick D Kennedy points out that it is "painful and brutally indignant" and that his heart is broken.

with opposition

The criticisms' worries, however, were hit by Jackson's fanatics, who provoked the idol and argued that there was no evidence of the accusations in the film.

It is not the first time criticized "Leaving Neverland." Representative of Jackson's property was previously called the document "furious and pathetic attempt to explode and make money from Michael Jackson" and the star's nephew of Taj Jackson began to set up to protect his uncle in his own documentary series.

The film director Dan Reed, on the other hand, has previously stated that it was a great courage for the two men to say that he did not doubt the second of their credibility.

Jackson, who died in 2009, was accused of a sexual assault for boys in parts. In 2005, he was released by an accredited trial and more than 20 years before another case had been made outside the court. The two men who had appeared in the documentary also asked Jackson for an assault, but both goals were rejected in 2017.

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