Sunday , June 11 2023

Paris Jackson gives cryptically message after message


In the acclaimed documentary "Leaving Neverland," several men step forward and tell of the abuses that world star Michael Jackson should have exposed during their birth. The daughter of 21-year-old world star Paris Jackson has previously claimed that the documentary consists of lies and believed the allegations were untrue. But on Thursday Paris Jackson shared a cryptic message to its 3.5 million followers on Instagram. The image she posted shows two children and a text.

"Let this generation know so much about how their childhood has affected them, that they will try to heal and give their own children a childhood from which they do not need to heal," it says in the photo.

For the poster, Paris Jackson writes "Amen".

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New world-famous father documentary

What Paris Jackson really wants to get with her message is unclear. But this statement comes just a day after it was revealed that friends and fans of his world-famous father Michael Jackson had created new documentation to counter the allegations against him.

In "Michael Jackson: Chase the Truth," the creators point to five major shortcomings in the allegations, pointing out that the men Wade Robson and James Safechuck stepping into "Leave Neverland" are liars and are just looking for money. In the new documentary, viewers will also see interviews with the world's star defender, live cartoonist Mike Smallcombe, former child star Mark Lester and former bodyguard Matt Fiddes.

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