Friday , January 15 2021

Peter Englund regrets being a permanent secretary at the Swedish Academy

"It was a very shaky experience, I thought it would be possible and then everything would stay, but it did not work and it's a great sorrow in my life," says Peter Englund at
Interview Sunday.

"I was not a regular secretary, it was a mistake of mine, it cost me a lot, myself and not at least all my relatives, and if I had that question today I would say no.

However, Englund stresses Because he does not regret that in 2002 he voted for his No. 10 chair, claiming that he thinks so much about the idea of ​​academia and its significance here and there. In April, he announced that he would leave the job, but is open to return – looking at the crisis from the outside on the outside is "absolutely terrible," he says.

"It's a bit like looking at a ruined landscape, the six years I've been in academia as a regular secretary-trying to do my best to leave a strong academy-they feel useless.

Program Director Martin Wicklin Let Englund listen to a piece of heir Sarah Denius "Summer P1" from August. She described a meeting in which Englund and the two former permanent secretaries Horace Engadahl and Stor Allen only looked at the table inviting them to explore themselves in light of the cultural profile crisis.

"I accept it right away, so it is said that things were said and things were recognized … I think that these three people, we reacted to them very differently, after all, as you can see.

"If I had experienced that they all just looked at the table and did nothing, nothing would happen later, I think we were ashamed that this bomb in the field exploded only in its time, it could have exploded at any time, it could have exploded during My time.

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