Saturday , June 19 2021

The Minister of Civil Affairs responds The critic of the legal law

At the beginning of the year, the new action took effect.

It enters a new license for 66 companies that need to better feed their customers – among other things by

All companies must be linked to the website, which gives customers the possibility to close themselves from games in all locations. At the same time, they must be protected by email.

In addition, video games companies have to have clear tools for players who want to make their play.

But the new law was criticized after a few shortages discovered.

The civil affairs minister demands the gaming companies: "Threw you"

Players who have registered for have stated that they can still play on websites that are linked to it. Players also said they still received a direct mail.

At the beginning of January, the Public Health Authority left many comments to the Gaming Inspectorate, which handles the oversight of video games.

– It is our responsibility and mission to ensure that actors fulfill the legislation. Just as we do it, I can not go, but it's a lasting job on the one hand, My Hamrén, a press employee, said the criticism.

The new law puts higher demands on video games.


Now, the new Minister of Civil Affairs, Ardalan Shekarabi (S) – who is working on the issue of new legal law for several years – requires the companies to play tension.

– Your shot is. Because we will not see between the fingers, he says in an interview with DN.

– From now on, there will be very hard demands on the players that carry out activities in Swedish gaming and if they cross the border, it will have very serious consequences.

A new verdict should lead the gaming companies

The Gaming Inspection has not yet punished any company because of the violation of the new rules – and the Ministry of Civil Affairs is of the opinion that the authority is prior to all licensing applications.

Minister of Civil Affairs, Ardalan Shekarabi.


The new law also states that gaming companies can only make "moderate" advertising. What is considered moderately will be crystallized in the first trial against the Ninja Casino, which the Consumer Agency has ordered to give guidance on what is being applied, writes DN.

"They are the authorities that now have the opportunity to act, and when they do, the legal application will show where the borders are going," says Ardalan Shekarabi.

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