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Then Sweden progresses to Division A: "Looks dark

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Try again

See the highlights of Sweden's victory above player.

glaze. Victory against Russia on Tuesday.
So Sweden wins his team and progress to Division A of the Uefa League of Nations.
"We have everything to win now," says Mikael Lustig, right next to the soccer channel.

Sweden opened the League of Acre. In Arena members, it was a 3-2 loss after a 2-0 lead loss. Stinging bites for opportunities for team victory and advancing the division. However, during Saturday, Secure Blogult continued the game in the B division by beating Turkey by 1-0 on the track and now there is a chance that men's of Anderson will finish one team.

If there is a victory against Russia at home on Tuesday, Sweden wins its team, in mutual meetings with Russia.

Of course, we know it will be difficult to deal with Russia, but we return when we met them on our way out, so we felt it was a team that suited us pretty well. We'll do things right, we'll create the situation, it's possible, "says Mikael Lustig.

In the case of a loss against Turkey, it was clear that Sweden is descending to C-Division and Lustig is happy that at least this will be the game of B-division next time it's time for the nations of the world.

"Obviously there's a difference to play in the C class." We have everything to win now, we'll have fun with the B division, he says.

The midfielder Jacob Johansson thinks victory against Turkey means great.

– Now we have every opportunity. It will not be easy to adjust on Tuesday, but it feels like we have a spirit, says Johansson.

As second place in the secured group now, it is also clear that Sweden will be the second draw for the "Standard" European Championship, which will start next year.

– Really important. Above all, we enter the second pot in the European Championship Cup. This is really important, says Philip Mittipen Helander.

It feels perfect. That's what they meant. We went three points and got it. Now it just takes to win the last game so we can qualify for the regiment.

Sweden had crossed Russia for the last time, on the far side. Blue Bulls won four points after winning against Turkey, and Russia has so far scored seven points. The game in the Friends Arena on Tuesday is the last in the group.

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