Monday , June 21 2021

Three suspicious rape are investigated by the police

Between half and half four at night, the police received three reports of suspect rape, something that the Aftonbladet was the first to report.

– In one of the cases, the suspected crime scene is a hotel room and in another case in an apartment, says Ola Österling, a press officer at the Stockholm Police.

In the third case, a security guard received a woman's notification that she had violated during the night.

How does the woman contact the security guard?
– She sees the guard in a public place and goes ahead and tells him what happened, and he then contacted the police.

The police still do not know if it is a complete rape, and will launch previous research during the day.

The women could alarm

Two men were arrested in relation to the two rape races that should take place in a hotel room and an apartment.

The suspects did not force themselves to the room of the hotel or the apartment, but the rape must be completed on the Ola Österling website at the police.

– There are women who could alert the police about what happened.

The two men will be questioned during the day, and technical investigations will also be made through the hotel and apartment room.

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