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A game "Fortnite" game attracts players with millions of dollars – What parents now need to know about the game hype

The game Fortnite breaks all the registries worldwide. While young players are fully absorbed in the colorful shooting, parents are worried. Now the studio studio Epic Games has also launched a competition with high achievements.

Erfurt. The free video game "Fortnite Battle Royale" of the gameplay "Epic Games" has achieved a little popularity in less than one year, programmers of great gaming categories can only dream. In this country, it surpasses all the children and adolescents who play in the thousands. In any school, it is hard to find a child who did not hear about "Fortune".

Last year, the "Fortnite Battle Royale" received the Nobel Prize when it was called the "Best Game 2018" at the presentation of the world famous "Golden Joysticks Awards".

At present more than 125 million players are registered worldwide, more people than in total Germany. Austriawho Switzerland and the Netherlands.

en Germany especially popular with young players

The play of the online game is explained quickly. "Fortnite Battle Royale" is a shooting game with building elements. Each round, 100 players compete against each other with various weapons and build shelters and obstacles to mock their opponents. Anyone who remains at the end has won.

A small war with a feeling-good factor: The squeaky colorful comic look defines violence, never flows blood, defeated players are set in virtually nothing. One player wins, while 99 others lose – everything can be done again in the next round. The concept is psychologically.

It is especially important that players of all platforms can compete against themselves almost without limitations, regardless of whether they play on the computer, console or phones. This is especially attractive to the younger players who can play with friends this way, regardless of the technology in the nursery.

Even the idols of the scene are relatively young. In April this year he was the 13-year-old British Kyle Jackson titles when he was one of the best players in the world, a contract in the professional team "Team Secret Fortnite" received. Jackson At that time, when he was eight, he played "Fortnite" for a few hours a day.

Non-official recommendation

Even if it's for Germany Epic Games do not give official figures, so here, the age of entry for players between eight and twelve years is realistic. It is purely lawful that is not problematic, because the game is a clean online title in Germany It is not subject to age control. la Age recommendation by the Federal Department of Civil Education However, it is 14 years old. Young people of this age usually move away appropriately from the game, it says there.

First time a match with a high prize

Finding the right level of play will be a bit harder for Fortnite fans these days. Only on Tuesday, the game manufacturer Epic Games offered a lot of day tournament under the name "Fortnite Winter Royale" with a total prize money of $ 1,000,000. For the first time, all the Fortnite players will be able to participate in the November 24 tournament Europe and North America, regardless of your ability and ability.

"It will tell you your highest score you have reached in any of the event sections. Do your best!" It says about the Website of Epic Games , Encourage enough for millions of players now even more inclined to pull into the virtual battle and prove themselves before all.

However, the chances of surviving as a normal player in such an event against professional athletes around the world, however, are extremely low.

Free but not free

Although the game of Battle Royal, unlike the main game "Fortnite", is free to buy, there are more than enough ways to spend money in the game. For example, fun gestures and dances that the characters can play in the game, and virtual devices can be purchased against their own currency, the V-Branches. The theater money can be gained on the one hand of long active games, but also buys with real money.

This shows how narrowly it is already interlaced with today's popular culture. The game integrates modes and dances of movies and music videos – stars, athletes and influences again carry the game trends out.

For example, in the final of this year's soccer, Antoine Griezmann's soccer rejoiced his goal for the provisional 2-1 against the Croatia with a very special dance performance out of the game So, if you want to be updated with your virtual heroes, you have to pay, again and again, as there is always new content.

All of this is not cheap, of course. Dance movement alone costs as much as two to eight euros. Other packages cost up to about 20 euros.

According to report on the Supermarket company Epic Games have sold more than $ 1 billion since 2017 for the sale of additional content.

So there's no crisis in the nursery home

For parents, it is a particularly interested eye to have what the descendants in the virtual world drive.

Those who can explain the fascination of the game from the young people's point of view, create a basis for discussion to access rules for play. Even better if mothers and fathers even grasp the rule themselves and try what makes "Fortnite Battle Royal" so fascinating, how emotions and impulses it releases.

The Federal Civil Education Agency advises on its website a flexible regulation with respect to the season, as a fixed number of weekly hours, rather than a daily limit. Even those who still allow the end of the current game, instead of pulling the plug after five minutes, avoid frustration on both sides.

However, it causes concern as soon as domestic, school or social duties are constantly neglected, or there are problems of health such as tumults. In general, it has a sense of observing the play behavior of children and adolescents. Here also offers the open discussion as a very good opportunity, as said at the Federal Center.

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