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Federer presents a gala instead of a game of dressing

After the first disappointing game, Roger Federer came to the ATP finals with a certain delay. (Photo: Andy Rain / EPA)

After the first disappointing game, Roger Federer came to the ATP finals with a certain delay. (Photo: Andy Rain / EPA)

After the opening defeat against Kay Nishikori, Roger Federer wins his first win at the ATP final in London. With 6: 2, 6: 3 against Dominique Thiem he returns himself to the tournament.

Daniel J. Ramen, London

These were exceptional pictures that 18,000 viewers were forced to suffer on Sunday at the O2 Hall: Roger Federer, this esthetic who did not seem to hit the tennis balls, but pulled them off, Federer who was only in London for it caused many unusual moments, Against Kay Nishikori thoroughly human. He smashed balls that made the crowd shrink. He argued with himself and the judge. Once a ball jumped from the frame right on the face; As if he wanted to provoke the Lord.

Federer debated – not only against the Japanese, but throughout the tournament. In order to maintain his hopes for the 15th semi-finals on March 16, he needed the second game in the group against Dominique Thame, necessarily for victory. It is clear that the Austrian has reached a construction opponent at exactly the right time.

Thiem with many mistakes

However, what has been declared as a game dresses up, as a game of the last chance, an unexpected Gala, as they are known in London by Federer. In 66 minutes he won the game 6: 2, 6: 3. He served better, returned better, played more confident. In conclusion: he was old again. He had to change his attitude, he said after the game. "I saw everything negative against Nishikori, we both played badly, we could not play much worse, but instead of building on small things, I got into my anger."

Federer did not run that risk any more against Thame. But the fact that the match was so easy not only because of his improved performance but also in the desperate appearance of Thame. The Austrian showed a disappointing performance on Tuesday. He made too many mistakes – only 18 six Winnern alone in the first set, which probably robbed him of faith in victory. In any case, it was never clear why 25-year-old led 2-1 victories in the direct matches against Federer until this game.

Even Thiem has the last game in the group on Thursday against Kish Nishikori yet a theoretical opportunity to qualify for the semifinals. But it is more likely that Federer and the Japanese in a secondhand to invent the second semi-final among themselves. Even South African Kevin Anderson is still not fully qualified, but with his two wins 6-0, 6-1 on Tuesday against Nishikori, he brought in excellent condition to start. In the first two games he submitted only ten games.

Memories of Wimbledon

For the final qualification Andersson should have an extreme case in the last group match another one sentence. Federer, however, returns to the track after the first victory, but no more. The initial position remains subtle, because Nishikori against the seemingly ambitious Thiem would be a simpler task. Federer not only has to win against a 32-year-old South African, he also has to do it in two groups. Since if it comes to the constellation imaginable that after the group stage three players have ever won two games, then the court ratio, then the games won was to decide on semi-finals in places.

A clear victory against Thiem helps Federer in this regard. First of all, he has to win the game against Anderson – not a matter of course. Although Switzerland won the first four games without a permanent drop, South Africa stopped it in the Wembledon quarterfinals last summer, although Federer won the first two sets. Anderson is in the shape of his life. No doubt his opposition would be far greater than that of Dominique Thame.

Novak Djokovic defended Roger Federer

gen. • Roger Federer is a finalist at the ATP World Tour in London even if he is not playing. On his Monday without a game, he did first with giving up exercise for speculation about his health. Then came the hot criticism of Les Bentsau to London and caused another uproar.

The 37-year-old Frenchman, who has just finished his career, said on French radio station RMC that Federer enjoys special privileges for his successes. For example, in both victories in 2017 and 2018, the Swiss were allowed to compete in 12 out of 14 games in a cool evening at the Australian Open. So Benneteau went into a theory that Federer enjoyed business relations with the Australian tournament manager Craig Tilly, who also on the board of the Laver Cup thus indirectly on Federer's salary stand. Behind the Hor Cup is the Team-8 team, which is involved in the Basel tender.

Federer's double role not only makes Bantau frown – though less in touch with the start of his games than with his reaction to the Davis Cup replay. He criticized Spanish football Gerrard Peake, representing the cosmos investor group, during the opening of the United States by an exception.

In London, however, now Federer has received support from a prominent side. Novak Djokovic said after his game against Giancello, "It may be that some players are treated a little more confidentially, but they deserve it: Federer is winning six times in Australia Open and probably the best player ever … The viewers want to see him play in the best time. One of the main reasons for the great attention and development of tennis revenue.

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