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How much did his fianc2ee suffer?

Even though Domenico de Cicco, 35, and Evelyn Burdecki, 30, began to blame for themselves in the jungle camp, all the signs at the camp were harmoniously. Even perhaps a possible love has come back. Domenico always flirted with the blonde – how should it be felt for her fianc2ee? In an interview with, speak the Italian plain text!

Separation of rumors in Domenico and his fianc2ee

Shortly before leaving for Australia, Domenico de Cicco had an explosion bomb on the Naruto Bomb. He had kissed Julia, the mother of his child.

Stabilize in the heart of Evelynwho thought so far, the 35 year old was alone. But even at the outset's first meeting in the camp, it seemed, as if Domenico was not finally over the blonde. The problem: about 14,000 kilometers away His current girlfriend looked at her loveas he flirted with Evelyn. Although it has also come to Australia to huge Zoff, it has been looking for the 35-year-old to return the conversation to the chat, to reconcile with her …

How did Julia feel it? According to media, she even removed all the photos. Domenico Luigi's companion was revealed in the opposite time RTL:

I guess she's sorry (Julia, the editor's note).

loud, she was even so offended, that she had been thinking of putting Domain before the door, But then the turn. Julia sent a sweet message to her sweetheart afar off, in the name of her child.

Dear dad, I can not wait for you to come back. Mother and I'm very proud about you,

she wrote Instagram, The two decided before the jungle to make a new beginning. But what about the two after Domenico's camp? he told it …

Source: MG RTL D; Evelyn and Domenico were approaching the jungle.

Is Julia still behind his Domenico?

In the jungle camp Domenico de Cicco made a shocking statement:

Uploaded the image with her and the child and who went straight out – equal to 20,000 likes or so.

The critic: Do Domenico only post photos of her happy family, that they like them better? That would be scandal. The television face said in freedom that he expressed only hostile. His family is holy for him – and Julia's fianc2ee still strengthens her back.

The time was also very intense for her. But she stood and always stood behind me,

So Domenico in the interview with, We must see if his fianc2ee will change his mind after the great jungle encounter … Domenico meets his first Evelyn Bermuda for the first time.

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