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Keller-Sutter almost unanimously appointed the FDP faction

The FDP goes with two tickets in the elections to the Federal Council. Apart from the favorite candidate Karin Keller, Sutter, councilor Hans Vicki was also nominated.

Lucas Mader, Bern

FDP candidate candidate Federal Council Karin Keller Sutter is considered to be the favorite page. (Picture: Peter Klaunzer / Keystone)

FDP candidate candidate Federal Council Karin Keller Sutter is considered to be the favorite page. (Picture: Peter Klaunzer / Keystone)

In the end, it was not names that the FDP wrote on their second ticket to the Federal Election Commission that surprised them, but the clarity of the result. The parliamentary group appointed the State Council Karin Keller-Sutter (St. Gallen) almost closed – with 38 to 3 votes in the first ballot. As expected, the Council of States, Hans Nidwalden, was established in the second ballot with 29 out of 41 votes. The third contender, a member of the Schaphausen government, Christian Amsler, remained outside. But he got against Wicki at least 12 votes.

Also clear was the decision on the second card. In recent days and weeks there have also been voices calling for a one-way ticket with Claire Sutter – although in recent years it has been common practice to present to the Federal Assembly. But no one in the faction had ever asked to do so. Opponents feared that one candidate would be invited to unite on a wild candidate. Nor was there a three card for discussion, as the FDP faction introduced a year ago in the sequence of Didier Burkhalter.

A short meeting and answer at Keller-Sutter

Candidates preceded on Friday afternoon discussions of the three candidates behind closed doors at Bundeshaus. It soon became apparent that Keller-Sutter had taken this hurdle without any problems. This year came back after twenty minutes from the faction room – although the group had another ten minutes for other questions. Of course they did not exist.

Keller-Sutter beat the debate well in comparison to their colleagues, say some members of the faction. In its presentation the first few minutes they have free of charge and no comments. She was very impressed with French and English as well as a few sentences in Italian. In terms of content, she is also convinced, for example, of the question asked in English about European politics.

In contrast, Vicki's appearance against the group was mixed. He did not have to look sovereign in the question and answer. In addition, the number of liberals criticized that he consistently answered the questions asked in French in German. Before that, there had been some media reports about his little French language after Vicky's public appearances.

Instead, Vicky justified himself against the group, claiming that although he had learned French at school, as a businessman he spoke English for many years in the world. Moreover, the Council of States referred to his professional training: he was an economist, not a translator – probably a hint of Keller-Sutter's training as an interpreter at the conference. Then, according to some sources, Vicki suggested that he would never be a pianist. It is to assess some members of the faction as a failed joke on the Simone Sommarugas federal union training. Vicky himself denies this intention.

Another political profile

Amsler's appearance was the most surprising, but positively. The government council, which few knew personally in the FDP faction, was apparently very sympathetic and calm. He also did not speak freely in his presentation, but at least partially answered the French questions in the same language. In terms of content, Amsler intentionally omitted his differences in issues and socio-political location.

But in the end the outside candidate had no chance against Vicki: he was almost unknown to the Bundesau-Prachtion, but also because he came as a schaffer like Klar-Sutter from eastern Switzerland. Finally, the sympathy of the Romans for his knowledge of French did not help him much. Amsler was disappointed by his departure. But some representatives of the FDP rate his result of 12 votes as a respectable success. Even the leader of the Beat Bolt faction emphasized Amsler's impressive stand and his good presentation to the media.

The economic experience emphasized

Two official FDP candidates were grateful for the media appointment. It gives her strength and rest for another runway for Election Day, Keller-Sutter said. Vicky referred to his favorite favorite job of his campaign: his motto was to make the impossible impossible. He will fight for it in nearly three weeks remaining and try to convince the parliament of his abilities – in particular his many years of experience in the private sector.

With the appointment, which meets expectations, nothing has changed in Keller-Sutter's favorite role. Only a few voices warn about imponderables in connection with the CVP seat, which is occupied before that of the FDP. If it comes to Sprengkandidatur, even for the FDP seat everything is open.

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