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SRF Space to the Space Initiative: Sommaruga passes a fire baptism.

Federal Adviser Simonetta Sommaruga and Furt National Council of Kurt Fluri (front) fought against, SP-National Adviser Ursula Schneider Schüttel and Luzian Franzini (Young Green, back) for the initiative. Picture: screenshot srf

Zersiedelungs- «Arena»: Sommaruga Media Minister makes young Greens look old

In the "Sand" voting for the Space Initiative, the new DETEC captain Simonetta Sommaruga was already a proven demonstration and clearly showed the weaknesses of the original. However, the proponents of the initiative were clumsy.

On 10 February a vote will be taken on the Youth Green Space Initiative. Really, the thing – as usual in popular initiatives – according to polls during the electoral battle has lost support. But, according to the latest survey conducted by Tamedia on January 10 and 11, 52 percent still support the initiative, while only 46 percent opposed it.

The electoral arena should come to the opponents of the initiative at the right moment: a high time to warn the uncertain voters about the harmful results of a supposition.

In the "Sand" this was done at the forefront of Federal Consignee Simonetta Sommaruga (SP). Since December 20, it was in charge of the Department of Environment, Transportation, Energy and Communication (DETEC) and, in the name of the Federal Council, represents the unconstructed initiative. So the electoral arena was their fire baptism as Minister of the Environment. And of course, Sommaruga wants to start her new job with a vote.

Some numbers on urban sprawle

Previously: With today's performance, she should be closer to this success. The five weeks in the new office seemed to have used Sommaruga to kneel in the Dossier Spacial Initiative. She was well established, fast – and benefited from completely insufficient performance on the other side.

Patriotic entrance

At the end of the program, it was noted that the pioneers could not expel the impression of an incomprehensible proposal that the Federal Conservative Sommaruga and her allies attempted to rise in the Non-camp.

But back to the beginning: The "Sand" began patriotic: accompanied by the sounds of the national anthem, the audience showed aerial views of Lindenberg's idyllic landscape in the Lucerna Lake Valley, with the Alps shining majestly on the background. "It's a beautiful country, our Switzerland," said the moderate Jonas Projer, who did his job this Friday without the wrong and with the exact dose of humor and serenity. His introductory question: "Does Switzerland also remain a beautiful country or does it always be more exploited and concerned?"

First of all, it was the turn of the Federal Conservative Sommaruga, who started the evening in "Individual Interrogation" by Moderator Projer, before she entered the circle to the other guests "Arena". The wizards removed a picture of her, which she showed supporting against a tree while walking in Worb BE between idyllic nature. With the help of an assembly, they transformed the idyllic nature into a colored seam full of houses.

Sommaruga and the tree in the previous / after comparison

But Sommaruga was not beaten by the reservation. She calmly explained that she was also concerned about landscaping. For a long time, the land was too little concerned: "We have made mistakes in the past." But the need for action was acknowledged. With the revised Spacial Planning Act (RPG) adopted in 2013, a "strict law" was created which stops the urban sprawle and even leads to the reorganization of construction zones, "even if the communities sometimes spoil". The initiative is therefore too late and unnecessary.

Projer persisted, interrupting Sommargu's robbery. Perhaps you have to say yes to the initiative, to send a signal for a clearer space planning, he wanted to know. "The Federal Assembly is not a collection of signs, Mr. Projer," replied Sommaruga. In addition, cantons and the community showed their readiness to use the RPG, and where they did so insufficiently, they would be fighters from the courts.

The beginners did not want to know anything about the Federal Council's praise for the current law. This is not enough. The suspension expansion of the construction zones is a temporary effect of the new RPG. In the future, but it will continue to be built at the expense of green areas, warned Luzian Franzini, president of the young Greens and the Committee of Initiative: Switzerland is a small country, except for only 30% of the country ever used for agriculture, commerce and housing could: " At any point we come to a limit: or because everything is concerned or we set this limit self-determined and develop even more internal. "

Sommaruga and her colleague, FDP National Adviser Kurt Fluri, questioned the effectiveness of the initiative to achieve this goal. The zones of a building currently unused would be in the wrong location, far from the centers and poorly developed. Thus, the initiative could force even more city

The central theme of the evening was the question of whether and how the exchange of construction zones would work if the initiative was adopted: "In theory, it sounds good, but it does not work properly," commented the Federal Adviser sexually. The possibility of interchange in stock market, where you can offer for construction of zones, would mean that "only rich communities will come to the train". Also unsatisfactory for Sommaruga would be central planning in Bern, which would force a single canton to abandon their buildings to others who needed them more urgently.

Luzian Franzini was immediately counterattacked. In Switzerland, there are 400 square kilometers of unknown building. These reserves are sufficient. It was then until the Parliament to draw up a largely capable implementation that respected the central concern of the initiative. The initiative only offers a general principle, the details should be regulated by the law: "This is a Swiss-Swiss tradition." This argument was not fitted by the National Adviser Thomas Egger (CVP / VS), who was sitting in the audience: "You do not have an idea of ​​this to be implemented".

The debate on the initiative

Neither Luzian Franzini nor his supporter, SP National Adviser and Pro-Natural President Ursula Schneider Schüttel, have managed in this phase to dissipate the doubts excited by the opponent's opposition initiative. Schneider Schüttel did not go well to his camp as she entered the room that in 30 or 40 years if the building area frozen in case of acceptance of the initiative could be used to change the constitution again. Indeed, it undermined one of the central arguments of the pioneers.

After about 40 minutes, the precursor Luzian Franzini was headed by the Jonas Projer round and, like him, Sommaruga was "individually questioned". The initiative would lead to higher rents, interposed Projer Franzini. And the agency's association resigned only to any slogan because the strong person strongly represented Green, this was hindered by political reasons. Franzini slowly escaped this fall, turning the boards: "From the point of view, we must ask why the homeowner works strongly against the initiative. These usually do not concern the interests of the tenants, but their return."

«Householders worry about returns»

Video: streamable

But soon after Franzini played the good quality points, in which he responded scarcely to vote to sit in the audience SVP National Adviser and entrepreneur Diana Gutjahr. She governs a familiar business in Thurgau with around 100 employees, including 10 apprentices. Regarding its own steel company, Gutjahr showed that companies had to grow in great times due to financial reasons or due to production conditions. Anyway, they could not be built in the sign of condensation: "That is also a matter of will," Franzini wiped out the scrap slightly unfortunately.

There were such details that revealed the differences between the young Greens and the political veteran Simonetta Sommaruga. While Franzini presented his arguments in a way not dissatisfied, but in some cases a little incapable, Sommaruga had never fallen into the field of environmental policy, who had not yet known her as a Federal Adviser.

This promises interesting constellations in future co-ordinating fights: During the Social Democratic Sommaruga, as Minister of Justice, often concerned that the SVP has dropped its initiatives and policy referendums in the asylum and immigration of policies, probably likely to be more often against concerns of the left wing in the middle field. and energy sector competes. The electoral area for the Zersiedelungsinitiative demonstrated: Sommaruga will also bite its straight red green circles to the teeth.

The Space Initiative declared in 60 seconds

Video: watson / Angelina Graf

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