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The rape – suspicion of an Islamist Tariq Ramadan He was released from French custody nine months ago. The Court of Appeals in Paris released the 56-year-old Swiss under conditions on Thursday.

Ramadan's lawyer, Emanuel Mercini, told AFP. According to the defendant must deposit a deposit of 300 000 euros, give his passport and report after his weekly release to the police.
Ramadan stressed at the hearing that he would not run away. "I will stay in France and protect my honor and my innocence," he said.

Four requests were rejected

Ramadan was arrested at the beginning of the year in Paris on charges of rape. The judiciary has instituted criminal proceedings against him. Since February 2 he is under arrest. Four of his lawyer's requests for release have since been rejected.

Two women accuse Ramadan of rape her in 2009 and in 2012 respectively. The Islamist rejects the claims. In October he first confessed sex with both candidates. But it was about sex "in agreement", he stressed.

The Islamist is on leave from his professorship at the British University in Oxford since last November.

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